Apple AirPods Pro are finally worth buying thanks to this Prime Day deal

The amazing Apple AirPods Pro headphones are worth picking up now their price has been slashed for Prime Day

Apple Airpods Pro deal from Amazon
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Apple AirPods Pro have long been among the gold standard when it comes to true wireless earbuds, and certainly some of the most popular. With 24 hours of battery life, active noise cancellation you can turn on and off, crystal-clear sound, volume control by sliding your finger up or down the AirPod's tail, they're intuitive to use, packed full of technology and essential purchases for Apple fans, whether you're listening to a big 140BPM playlist during a run, or lofi hiphop while out for a stroll. 

Why then, are they only worth the purchase now? Because up until now, their $249.99 price point was consistently beaten by Beats Powerbeats Pro. But thanks to the Amazon Prime Day fitness deals, the AirPods' price has been slashed by an unprecedented $60, bringing them under $200 for the first time and finally in line with the Powerbeats' price point. They are now, officially, the superior headphone. Check out the deal below: 

Get the Apple AirPods Pro deal here for one day only!


Apple AirPods Pro | was $249.99 | now $189.99
Amazon has brought Apple AirPods Pro's price under $200 for the first time. With active noise cancellation and the ability to filter through ambient sound (which the Powerbeats Pro, its biggest competitor, can't manage) they're worth a buy over the BBD offering. They're sweat and water resistant, while adaptive EQ automatically tunes music to the shape of your ear. Buy!

Why get this Apple AirPods Pro deal for Prime Day?

The Beats Powerbeats Pro are currently top of our best running headphones guide, and can usually be found hovering around $175. Based on this price point, they present a better deal than AirPods at full-price, also designed for Apple with a lot of the same tricks (if slightly less tuned) combined with Beats' signature bassy sound.

However, now Apple has levelled the playing field (for one day only!) you'd be mad to  miss out on this incredible bargain essential for any iOS-using audiophile. Get it now!

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