Camilla Artault

Camilla Artault

Contributing editor and writer

Camilla Artault is the chief tester of women’s running gear over on our sister site Coach. She also interviews experts and writes about a wide range of topics encompassing health, fitness, food, lifestyle and parenting.

Camilla has been editing since 2006 when she started out in book publishing at Bloomsbury, after completing a degree in History of Art and Italian at the University of Edinburgh. She then moved to Paris in search of adventure and began writing and editing travel and lifestyle content. After five years in France she returned to London to work as a freelance journalist and editor. Her interest in running led her to work as a writer and editor for The Running Bug, before becoming a regular contributor at Coach.

Camilla took up running in 2009 as a way to explore Paris and ran her first marathon in 2010. She soon realised there was more to training than just running a lot, and began to geek out about gear, nutrition and training. The half marathon is her preferred distance although she would like to complete an ultramarathon one day. 

As well as enjoying everything outdoorsy, Camilla loves cooking, pottery and old cameras.

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