Black Friday rowing machine deals 2022: Discounted machines and water rowers

Find all the latest Black Friday rowing machine deals for 2022 when they are announced

Black Friday rowing machine deals: save up to 60%
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Looking for Black Friday rowing machine deals? You’re a little early, and we will make sure you have all the information you need in time for the big day. In the meantime, we have found some fantastic deals for you so just click the links below. 

Black Friday rowing machine deals are well worth snapping up. In 2021, you could bag one of the best rowing machines from XTERRA, NordicTrack, and ProForm at almost half price, dropping the total cost to around $500 to $750. 

When the big day does roll around, and you’re not sure which type of Black Friday rowing machine deal to go for, consider first of all your space needs. Do you need a model that is foldable so you can save on space, or wheel it away for storage? Next up, take into account whether you want a rowing machine with smart features so that you can stream live workouts to keep you motivated, or if you just want a dedicated, analog workout like a gorgeous exposed-wood-and-glass water rowing machine.

As soon as deals are announced, we'll be updating this page to bring you the latest savings. 

When do rowing machines go on sale?

Retailers start discounting these big ticket items in early November right up until Friday 25th. You can generally find the Black Friday rowing machine sale prices stick around afterwards until mid-December too. 

Black Friday rowing machine deals: What to look out for?

All rowing machines work your back muscles, arms, legs, and core in addition to your cardiovascular fitness. However, they do this using a few different mechanisms.

The first, and cheapest, are lever systems with hydraulics. These are most often used for collapsible budget machines, and while they're good for casual fitness fans and those looking to get their workout in anytime, anywhere, it's the most limited in terms of range of motion.

Those serious about their fitness will want to look at the next category, using a fan belt and a cable pull. These use either magnetism or electrical resistance artificially applied in addition to the pulls needed to activate the fan.

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Serious athletes and those that want the best kit will want water rowers. These accurately simulate the feeling of rowing by using a small tank of water. When you pull the cable, rotary blades turn and work against the water. The harder you pull, the harder the blades work against the water, so the machine performs to your fitness levels automatically rather than using set resistance levels.

Most rowers are customizable, allowing you to adjust the ergonomic molded seat, height, and pedals to your body, while the rail itself will often fold up for storage or stand on its end, allowing you to store it somewhere discreetly with ease. This isn't an issue if you have space for a permanent fixture, but collapsible ones make for a great option for people in apartments rather than houses with garages and basements.

Lastly, check for warranties. For example, the ProForm 440 rowing machine (opens in new tab) comes fully covered with a five-year frame and motor warranty.

When is Black Friday 2022?

Black Friday will fall on Friday, November 25, 2022. However, you can expect quite a few "early bird" deals to pop up across the week in the run-up to Black Friday. Now BF is a bona fide shopping event rather than an incidental side-effect of Thanksgiving, expect the deals to run across a slew of retailers right up until the following Monday.

Known as "Black Friday" due to the online boom, this used to be a simple matter of retailers attempting to get rid of their excess BF stock at knock-down prices. However, this has since grown into a day as full of deals as Black Friday itself. If you miss out on a bargain on the Friday itself, don't despair: you've got until Monday night to snap up a discount rower, and we'll be there to point you in the direction of the latest deals every step of the way. 

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