Black Friday weights deals: discounts on muscle-building essentials

Black Friday is over for 2022, but you can still pick up Black Friday weights deals and save on home workout equipment

Black Friday weights deals
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The Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales have now ended for 2022. In this year's events, we saw weights from JAXJOX and Bowflex discounted by up to 60%, and there were plenty of kettlebells discounted to under $50. 

If you've been considering a set of the best adjustable dumbbells, the Black Friday sales are usually a great time to invest. These space-saving weights are often heavily discounted at the end of November, although many still retail for over $100. 

Thankfully, there are dumbbells on sale all year round, so you don't have to wait until late 2023 to pick up a set of muscle-building weights for less. But we'll be here rounding up the best Black Friday weights deals as soon as they start popping up in October and November 2023. 

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Black Friday weights deals: when do sales start?


Black Friday is the the Friday after Thanksgiving, which will be Friday November 24, 2023, and we usually see many retailers all over the world apply big discounts on various products, making it one of the biggest shopping events of the year. 

Most stores keep the discounts rolling in across the Thanksgiving weekend, through to Cyber Monday; November 27, 2023. Many deals end that day, although some retailers will keep the discounts in place for a while longer. 

As you have a few days to browse the discounts and look out for the cheapest deals, the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales are the perfect time to invest in fitness equipment for yourself or as a Christmas gift before the sales end. 

It’s worth noting that Cyber Monday revolves around online discounts and historically has become the bigger deals event of the Black Friday period. However, with the rise of online shopping, there's very little difference now. 

Once the deals start in October 2023, we'll be updating this guide with the best Black Friday weights deals we can find.

How to choose a Black Friday weights deal

The answer to this will depend on what your goals are. If you’re new to weight training and want to ease yourself into the world of resistance training, you should consider finding some light dumbbells, preferably a set of them.

Many of the retailers listed above sell small and manageable racks of light weights, often in sets of around three pairs that allow you to experiment with different loads, tailoring the weight size to complement different kinds of workouts.

For those that are more experienced with strength training, any adjustable dumbbell or kettlebell models on sale will benefit your training nicely. These are not only big space-savers as they fit multiple weights in one but they are great for practicing progressive overload.

Anytime you want to move up a weight load you can often do this via a button or dial with these practical pieces of strength training equipment. Plus some of the adjustable dumbbell weight deals above can transform into a barbell which will diversify your muscle-building workouts at home.

If you love to smash out a HIIT workout at home and fancy turning things into a high-intensity resistance training workout then you’re probably best bagging yourself a singular pair of dumbbells or a single kettlebell. Getting one of these options now while Black Friday is on is certainly a more cost-effective way of kitting out your home gym.

You might be looking for some additional accessories to improve your strength training that you’ve been considering buying for a while. Items like a portable suspension system, ankle weights, or some resistance bands, all tend to be on the cheaper end of things already but now will be an even more cost-effective time to make your investment. Or they will make an excellent and affordable stocking filler for any of your fitness-loving friends and family.

Are cheap dumbbells worth it?

On the face of it, there's little difference between a cheap set of weights and expensive one. Both styles help add resistance to your workouts, helping you build muscle and boost your metabolism. 

But as with other products, more expensive dumbbells often come with extras like a more ergonomic design, quick adjustment mechanisms, or more durable materials. 

For instance, a cheap set of dumbbells might have iron weight plates without protective coating, so there's a chance they'd rust if left outside. Or you might find a budget-friendly set with circular ends, so they roll away when not in use. 

Hexagonal fixed-weight dumbbells are generally a bit pricer, but will stay where you lay them and can be easier for ground-based exercises like renegade rows. 

But the core functionality of cheap dumbbells is the same as expensive ones; to help you add resistance to your exercise. All of the optional upgrades that come with premium sets might make your workouts a bit easier or more efficient, but you'll still be able to hit your fitness goals with cheap dumbbells.

However, you can find plenty of Black Friday weights deals that bring premium dumbbells down to more budget-friendly prices. Sometimes the saving will be slight, but other times it might save you hundreds of dollars. 

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