I only had 10 minutes to work out, so I tried this core-strengthening Pilates routine and the benefits surprised me

Work on your posture, coordination and core strength with this bodyweight session

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I try to exercise for at least 30 minutes a day, but when life gets busy it can be hard to find the time.

Even when I can't carve out half an hour or more, I still try to fit in some activity. Regular movement is one of the most effective methods I've found for looking after my mental health. Plus, working a desk job means I’m more prone to losing muscle mass and mobility if I don't exercise.

That's why I was excited to see a 10-minute workout created by Pilates instructor Katy Bath on Instagram. Bath says in her post that this is the workout she would do if she only had 10 minutes, so I decided to try it and see if it was enough to challenge me.

How to do Katy Bath's 10-minute Pilates routine

The routine features six exercises done in a circuit format. Bath does 10 repetitions of each movement then performs a second round of exercises.

My experience swapping my usual workout for a 10-minute Pilates routine

I prefer to lift weights in the gym, but I've recently been trying Pilates, too. I can do Pilates from home and it’s an effective way to train my core muscles, which supports my weight training.

This routine certainly challenged my core. My mid-body muscles were engaged throughout and my abs were burning by the end. It's good to know you can challenge these muscles in just 10 minutes.

It’s also a great workout if you want to improve your mobility. The first move, the plank press-back, opened up the muscles in my upper body and relieved the tension built up from working at a desk.

Another thing I liked about this workout was that it was a great way to work on my coordination, with some of the exercises requiring me to move my body as one.

On top of this, I came away with a slightly less achy lower back than usual and I felt far more comfortable at my desk for the rest of the afternoon. I think this is because the core-strengthening exercises are great for supporting the spine and improving posture, which is ideal if you spend lots of time sitting down like me.

I was very impressed by how much I achieved in 10 minutes, not just working on strength, but coordination, posture and mobility too.

Shop Pilates mats

You don't need any equipment for this workout, but a Pilates mat will make the seated movements more comfortable. Here are three options to consider.

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