This weighted cardio workout is apartment-friendly and great for toning muscle at home

You can workout from home without getting noise complaints, you just need to find the right exercises that are quiet and get results

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It's annoying when you want to fit in a quick workout session at home, but also don't want to disrupt others in your building with lots of heavy-footed movements. However, there are various exercises that create minimal noise yet are great for toning your body at home.

Perhaps you already frequently get a silent sweat on from home with the best glute exercises from our round-up but are keen to up the intensity a little, without disrupting the neighbors. This is where adding in one of the best kettlebells to your next home workout will come in handy.

Cassy Ho, the face behind the online fitness empire Blogilates, has designed this 'silent cardio' routine especially for people who need to be quiet but also want to exercise. The workout includes just four moves which are all performed with a kettlebell.

With a special focus on your leg, glute, and arm muscles in this routine, you will be building and defining muscle across these areas as well as raising your heart rate which helps your body to burn fat faster. 


Ho demonstrates the four moves so that you feel comfortable practicing the moves yourself and, most importantly, get the best results from perfroming them safely with correct form.

The silent element is a real bonus for anyone who has kids, or lives in a shared apartment block. One Instagram user commented on the post, "I live in an apartment and this is one of my top concerns!! Always having to do my workout quietly in my room early/late in the day!! This is awesome, on point Cassey!!".

You don't have to worry if a quieter home-stye workout like this gets less significant results than training at the gym. Ho uses a mixture of squats, kettlebell swings and lunges to this kettlebell workout. Moves like the kettlebell swing have been proven to improve both maximum and explosive strength in a kettlebell training study.

Below is a breakdown of the workout:


  • Goblet squats x 20
  • American KB swings x 25
  • Russian KB swings x 20
  • Alternating Front lunges

You will notice there are two variations of kettlebell swings included in the routine and there is reason to utilize both styles of swing. The Russian kettlebell swing is a power-driven swing variation that reduces arm involvement to emphasize your hip drive as you lift the kettlebell to chest height, whereas, the American kettlebell swing requires you to lift the weight all the way overhead, which some argue requires more work.

If you want to find out more about the benefits of working out with a kettlebell read our 'I did 100 kettlebell swings every day for a month' story. One of Fit&Well's writers achieved some awesome results from this challenge and labeled the kettlebell swing a 'great all-round move' if you want to work multiple muscle groups.

If you are working out at home don't forget the importance of nutrition when it comes to exercise. Protein is your friend when you want to make sure your muscles are able to grow and repair – you can help boost this by checking out our best protein powders for weight loss guide.

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