Try this Joe Wicks bodyweight HIIT workout for a whole body burn

Joe Wicks shared a HIIT routine on his Instagram and it is the perfect no-equipment workout to do at home

Joe Wicks films workout from home
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As the mornings and evenings feel darker and colder the commute to the gym is getting less and less tempting.  And if you prefer to work out from home but lack motivation Joe Wicks is the man to get you on your feet.

There is no denying that home gym equipment such as a set of best adjustable dumbbells is a really great addition to staying fit and toned at home. However, this isn't to say you can't get similar results from following along to more simple bodyweight workouts.

Joe Wicks has shared a bodyweight HIIT workout to his The Body Coach Instagram account and it is full of exercises like burpees, crunches, and jumps, that will ensure you work up a sweat.

The best part of this workout is that it requires zero equipment. The only preparation that you may wish to take is to grab some water to keep you hydrated and keep a towel nearby to wipe away any sweat as you exercise.

Joe Wicks' bodyweight HIIT workout

The workout includes eight moves, all are fairly high intensity. Wicks says to perform each exercise for 40 seconds followed by 20 seconds rest and to do this three times over. 

Wicks says himself in the caption that this workout is 'savage'. However, HIIT workouts are a great way to combine anaerobic exercise with bodyweight exercise and shouldn't steal a large amount of your time.

Various research has been conducted around regular HIIT workouts and weight loss results. This 2008 study found that young women who completed three sessions of HIIT for 15 weeks experienced significant reductions in body fat after completing the program.

Wicks' Instagram followers took to the comments of the Instagram workout to share their response to trying his HIIT circuit. One said, "These kill me off but they’re so worth it!", while another commented, "This one is immense to do!".

With over four million followers behind The Body Coach Instagram account, it is evident that people enjoy following along with these workouts. 

Not only is Wicks popular for his endless enthusiasm but he is also well-liked for how he makes exercise inclusive to all. Over the coronavirus lockdowns, he kept people of all ages and abilities active despite nearly everyone being stuck at home. 

You can access many of his workouts online via his socials, which include an abundance of the best exercises for weight loss.