Rowing machine deal: Save almost $500 on a top ProForm rower at Best Buy

The ProForm 440 rowing machine is being sold cheap at Best Buy, with $470 off

Proform 440
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As the ongoing global health crisis continues, home workout equipment has never been more in demand, and rowers in particular are flying out of warehouses right now.

However, there are still some deals to be snapped up. For example, this incredible deal from Best Buy, which allows you to save almost 60% on the excellent ProForm 440 rowing machine. Also, if you're looking for more rowing machines at drop-down prices, check out our Black Friday rowing machines hub!

Get the ProForm 440 cheap rowing machine deal here:

ProForm 440R Rower | was $799.99 |  now $329.00 at Best Buy
Best Price

ProForm 440R Rower | was $799.99 | now $329.00 at Best Buy
Save $470 on this fantastic rowing machine, allowing you to burn fat and build muscle at home. The ProForm 440 is built with adjustable pedals, seat and rail to cater for users of all heights, while the space-saving design allows the rail to fold up neatly, so it's not a permanent fixture in your living room. Includes 5-year warranty.

Why get a rowing machine?

Rowing machines build up your cardiovascular fitness, just like any vigorous exercse machine such as a treadmill or elliptical might. However, the key mechanism of a rowing machine involves pulling on a cable against resistance to keep that fan belt spinning or paddles flowing through the water tank. 

This resistance training element improves our muscle tone as well as cardiovascular fitness. As you use your legs to push on the pedals, your forearms to grip the handles and your biceps, back and core to execute the pulling motion, rowing machines work all these muscle groups simultaneously. 

This compound workout makes you both fitter and stronger, toning muscle while torching fat. It's no wonder rowing machines are incredibly popular right now. 

Matt Evans
Matt Evans

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