Matt Evans

Matt Evans

News Editor

As News Editor at Fit&Well, Matt spends his time writing and editing the latest news on all things health and fitness. 

With a Master’s Degree in journalism from Cardiff University, Matt started his digital journalism career at Men’s Health and stayed on for over two years, where he earned his stripes in health and fitness reporting. Since then, his byline has appeared in a wide variety of publications and sites including Runner’s World, Women’s Health, Men’s Fitness, and LiveScience on everything from exercise, to nutrition, to mental health, alongside covering extreme sports for Red Bull. 

Matt's been on Fit&Well since the site's launch, writing on running, nutrition, mental health, and every other topic the website touches. However, his experience makes him uniquely suited to all things muscle development, whether that’s interviewing the experts on the best way to do a barbell squat, or expounding the virtues of stretching and yoga on giving your body a longer shelf-life. 

Stretching is Matt’s top fitness tip. He originally discovered exercise through martial arts, holding a black belt in Karate, and trained for many years in kickboxing. During COVID he also fell in love with yoga, as it combined martial-arts style stretching with a bit of personal space.

When he’s not training or writing about health and fitness, he can be found reading doorstop-thick fantasy books with lots of fictional maps in them.

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