Try Roxanne Russell's new kettlebell workout and tone your abs and upper body in just 30 minutes

Do this workout step-by-step with Roxanne and see if you can keep up

Kettlebell workout
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We’re big fans of Roxanne Russell at Fit&Well. Also known as Workout with Roxanne on YouTube and Instagram, she regularly posts accessible, fun workouts that take just over half an hour.

This new kettlebell routine from the certified trainer will challenge your abs and upper body. It's made up of a series of supersets, which means that you'll be working on opposing muscle groups with little to no rest in between. 

You can watch the video below and work out alongside Roxanne as she completes the 30 minute session. The trainer also includes a warm-up and cool-down section, which will boost your mobility and keep you feeling limber.

How to do the workout

The workout alternates between 60 seconds of upper-body strength exercises and 30 seconds of ab exercises, which is followed by 30 seconds of rest. 

"The exercises throughout this session target the chest, back, shoulders, biceps, triceps and abs,” writes Russell in the caption of her workout video. "This workout is targeted at an intermediate level kettlebell user, but can be manageable for beginners as well."

Not sure what weight to use? Start light, if you've never done this kind of workout before. You should find that it's a challenge to complete the full set of exercises, but not completely impossible. 

Benefits of superset workouts

Two-move supersets could be more efficient than single-set workouts for building strength, according to a small 2017 study in the European Journal of Applied Physiology. The study suggests that supersets can actually increase testosterone in the body, which can aid muscle growth.

This style of high-intensity exercise is also very time-efficient, as it decreases your rest periods and allows you to target two or more muscle groups. 

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