Learn how to do a hip thrust correctly with this expert trainer’s four top tips

Improve your posture, boost your stability and build stronger glutes by learning how to do a hip thrust

A woman setting up for a dumbbell hip thrust
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The dumbbell hip thrust is an excellent exercise for strengthening your glutes, which are the large muscles found in your backside. These muscles support your spine and stabilize your pelvis, so it's well worth giving them some attention. 

To do a hip thrust, you lean your shoulder blades against a chair, plant your feet on the ground, place a dumbbell across your pelvis then drive your hips to the sky. 

It’s easy to do it wrong, but luckily expert Sweat App trainer Britany Williams has shared her four top tips for nailing your technique. 

How to do a hip thrust properly

1. Ankles under knees

At the top of the movement, your ankles and feet should be directly under your knees. If your feet are too far forward, then you'll engage your hamstrings at the back of the thighs. If they're too far back, you'll target your front-thigh quads. Get your feet in the perfect position and you'll hit those gluteal muscles. 

2. Shoulder blades across a raised surface

When you place your back against the raised platform, Williams says your shoulder blades should rest across its edge. This ensures that you can hinge correctly. Using a platform that's too high or low could also place unnecessary strain on your back.

3. Head looking forwards

It’s tempting to look to the sky during hip thrusts, particularly when your glutes start to burn. But Williams says you should lift your head and tuck your chin to look forwards throughout, to avoid straining your neck.

4. Drive with the hips

When you’re performing this exercise, think about driving your hips to the ceiling. This will make sure you're hinging correctly and recruiting the glute muscles to drive the movement. 

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