BTS fans will LOVE this fitness pro's dance cardio workouts

The US-based fitness trainer makes workouts fun, accessible, and inclusive with her BTS and pop-based classes

Woman and child dancing in their living room, with an inset of the South Korean boyband BTS
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If you've ever wondered how songs from the popular K-pop group BTS would stack up as workout jams, you need to look no further than US-based fitness instructor Jen Lewis.

The coach and YouTuber regularly adds new videos to her BTS-focused playlist on YouTube, so it's worth grabbing a set of the best workout earbuds and checking out a few of the 62 accessible workouts set to BTS tracks. 

One of 2021's biggest earworms is the group's hit single, Butter. Just 24 hours after the song was released, Lewis had already set up a routine for the two-and-a-half-minute track and added it to the BTS Song Workouts playlist, so that your workout could be 'smooth like butter.' You can check it out below.

Her YouTube channel, Cardio Party Mashup Fitness, is home to a lot more than BTS-inspired exercise classes, though. Lewis prefers a more relatable approach rather than focusing solely on the dance-style music that usually fills group workout classes. 

She currently has 517 workouts available to stream, all with radio-friendly backing tracks, lasting for around 40-50 minutes on average (and including some of the best workout music). 

For instance, one recently uploaded video, Early 2000s DANCE HIIT + TABATA BURN OUT, features throwback classics from Britney Spears, Destiny's Child, and Christina Aguilera. 

In a similar fashion to The Body Coach, the UK-based fitness influencer Joe Wicks, Lewis' approach is fun, accessible, and relatable, offering a way for the whole family to get involved in the workout classes. Many videos even use a split-screen approach to offer standard and advanced moves. 

This is a hugely valuable feature of Cardio Party Mashup Fitness workouts. For some people, the idea of signing up for a class, driving to a venue, and working out in front of a group of people you don't know, can be extremely daunting. 

Similarly, there's a perception that you have to do a particular type of workout, perform specific complex exercises, and look a certain way to be 'into fitness.' This puts many people off learning how to get fit, so this more inclusive attitude is a refreshing break. 

In an interview with the BTS fan publication ARMY Magazine, Lewis said she took up an all-levels approach, noting that "everyone deserves the chance to better their health, to workout right where they are, and everyone has a need. I want to be the person to help fulfill that need."

That said, if you're after a challenge, some of the workouts are up to 90 minutes long - more than enough to leave even the most dedicated fitness enthusiasts pumped up, sweating, and out of breath. 

Fortunately, you don't need any special equipment to join one of Lewis' virtual classes, but it might be a good idea to invest in a set of the best cross training shoes for support as you move around, dance about, and get fitter. 

James Frew
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