Build full-body strength and boost your metabolism with this trainer's 30-minute resistance band routine

Try this two-way strength training circuit you can do anywhere

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If you struggle to remain consistent with exercise when you go on vacation you’re not alone. Luckily, we’ve got the perfect workout for you.

This 30-minute full-body circuit, created by personal trainer Stacey Roberts offers a dumbbell and loop resistance band option. So as long as you have access to a hotel gym or a resistance band stashed in your suitcase (you can get a set for less than $7 on Amazon) you can do this quick, effective routine.

How to do Stacey Robert's full-body workout

How effective are resistance bands for strength training?

They may not look like much, but resistance bands are great for mobility and strength training. In fact, a study published in Journal List in 2019 found that bands provide similar muscle gains as traditional weights.

And that’s not all. Using resistance bands could also aid weight loss when combined with a calorie deficit. A 2022 systematic review published in Frontiers in Physiology found that resistance band training lowers body fat in overweight people more than other forms of exercise, including free weights and bodyweight moves. The review looked at 18 trials involving 669 people.

If you’re new to resistance bands, they are affordable, versatile and portable making them an excellent addition to your home (and away) gym. And because, like weights, they come in a variety of resistances, as you get stronger you can use heavier bands to make your workout more challenging.

Hungry for more routines? Try this resistance band arm workout, to build upper body strength.

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