Can't stand long runs? This seven-move treadmill workout is for you

Make the most of your time in the gym and you can be done in under 40 minutes

A woman running on a treadmill
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We think exercise should be enjoyable. So, if you find yourself mind-numbingly bored by a lengthy trudge on the treadmill, this workout is for you. By mixing running with a variety of other challenging bodyweight exercises, you can have all the benefits of a long cardio session while still getting your fitness fix and (most importantly) having fun. 

This session requires you to hop on one of the best treadmills (opens in new tab), but that's the only piece of equipment you'll need. And, if you don't have a running machine and want to try it at home, you can run outside, use a skipping rope or even do high knees on the spot for 60 seconds as a substitute.  

This treadmill session is designed by the London Fitness Guy (opens in new tab), a trainer famed for sharing free, accessible workouts with his 565,000 Instagram followers. It's a circuit of five bodyweight exercises, bookended by a 200 meter run on a treadmill to start and 30 seconds of walking at the end to allow you to recover. After you've finished your half-minute walk, it's time to dial up the treadmill speed and dive straight into the next round of the workout. 

The trainer challenges experienced exercisers to complete six rounds of this circuit in total, though if you're new to this style of training you can scale this back to as many or few rounds as you feel comfortable with. 

Watch the London Fitness Guy's video below to find out which bodyweight exercises await you, and mirror his technique to ensure you perform each one with good form. 

Watch London Fitness Guy's treadmill workout

This is sure to test your mettle, so if you want to add it into your fitness routine we recommend replacing one of your daily workouts rather than trying to squeeze it in alongside any existing sessions. You can always swap it for a cardio workout, like those featured in our running plan for beginners (opens in new tab)

This workout is an example of high-intensity interval training (or a HIIT workout). By combining intense bursts of activity with short rest periods it can burn calories while strengthening your heart and lungs, just like running and other forms of cardio. However, HIIT workouts are often shorter, making them a great fit for those who are short on time.

If you want to learn more about these two types of exercise, try our HIIT vs cardio (opens in new tab) feature on for size. 

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