Feel tired all the time? Nutritionist shares top tips for fighting fatigue

These small diet and lifestyle changes might help you to transform your energy levels and fight off tiredness

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Winter is still here and it's easy to feel tired and a bit sluggish after the festive period. When it comes to your health, listening to the experts can be worthwhile and a nutritionist has revealed their top tips for boosting energy levels to help you overcome intense waves of fatigue this month.

Feeling tired all the time can be a result of many things. Maybe you're not sleeping well or perhaps you spend too much time looking at your phone in bed and could benefit from one of the best sunrise alarm clocks. This will give you a natural wake-up in the morning, meaning you can leave your phone outside your room.

Whatever the reason, you aren't alone. In fact, one in eight Brits reported in a recent YouGov survey that they feel tired all the time. Registered nutritionist, Rob Hobson, said that food is our main source of fuel so looking inward at your diet might help you prevent your energy levels from dropping so often.

Hobson explained that eating more mindfully (have a read of our how to eat healthily guide if you want to find out more about mindful eating) and making better decisions when it comes to snacking, can significantly better our energy levels in the long run.

“Whilst coffee and sweet treats provide a quick hit, they also cause sugar ‘crashes’ which can leave you feeling more sluggish than before, Rob shared, "Steer clear of foods that are high in sugar and instead choose foods like almonds that contain protein, fiber, and fat which deliver a slow release of sustained energy that lasts hours." 

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Foods with a higher nutritious value can offer more sustained energy sources to our bodies because they are digested slower, releasing the energy we require to keep us going at pace. 

Below are a few more tips Hobson offered to help people curb periods of low energy and feeling fatigued.


  • Get some sunshine: The sun produces short wavelengths of blue light which can be good for stimulating the brain and making you feel more awake. It also stimulates the release of serotonin from your brain, helping to boost your mood. Try to keep your curtains open during the day and why not buy a pair of best shoes for walking to encourage you to get outdoors when the sun is out.
  • Try eat natural nutrients: Aim to eat meals where foods are in their natural state so that you can benefit from the raw nutrients. If you prefer convenience meals you can still eat these but consider adding some color to your dish with veggies such as frozen peas or some spinach.
  • Ditch the Downers: Hobson says we are more likely to crave fatty, salty, and sugary foods when we are tired. This was all too easy in lockdown but if this is a habit of yours now, you can overcome this by prioritizing foods that will offer you a lasting dose of energy. Swapping a bag of chips for a handful of almonds can provide you with more sustained energy and keep you fuller for longer.
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