Hate training abs? This dumbbell core workout only takes 5-minutes

Use this super speedy ab circuit at the end of your next workout to improve strength and definition in your core

Man does a core workout sitting down using a dumbbell
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Ab workouts are a lot of people's least favorite area to work out and we don't blame them. An ab session has you twisting and pulling in all different ways while lying down on the floor. You can find yourself performing movements that don't feel like you are doing a lot but will leave you with a savage burn in your core.

One really great thing about most best workouts for abs is that they can be completed anywhere. They often require little to no equipment other than something to support your back (like a best yoga mat), as most ab exercises are performed on the floor, and there is always the option to add weights if you want to work your muscles a little bit more.

This 5-minute ab routine below can be completed using no weight or with light weights - it's up to you but either way, the workout will have your core on fire. 

Online fitness star Ashleigh Jordan posted this workout to her Instagram, where she posts regular workouts and exercise tips to her 3.4 million followers. 

For this workout, she has added a set of dumbbells for an extra challenge. If you are up for the added intensity it might be worth your while buying a set of best adjustable dumbbells. These are great for adjusting the weight for each exercise without having to accommodate lots of different sets of weights in your home gym.

Jordan demonstrates each ab exercise in the video so that you can replicate the correct form and ensure your core is nice and engaged for maximizing results.


Jordan admits herself that she doesn't love training abs. She wrote in her caption: 

"I’m not gonna lie, sometimes the last thing I want to do is train abs so in times like these (which are often lol) doing a quick 5 min ab sesh at the end of my workout does the trick!"

There are four exercises in the video, these can be completed as a circuit or you can pick the ones you prefer and incorporate them into something else, like a whole-body routine.

Four essential ab exercises

  • Weighted Oblique Crunch Variation - 3x15 each side
  • Weighted Crossovers - 3x20 each leg
  • Weighted Leg Raise Variation - 3x15
  • Weighted Sit Up Variation - 3x15

Why train abs

Though it might seem like a bit of a chore at times, adding core workouts to your fitness regime is actually really beneficial for you. 

A strong core can help to improve posture, increase your strength and stability, define ab muscles, reduce pain, make daily tasks easier, and improve overall performance across fitness.

Plus, it's hard to make excuses when an ab workout can take as little as five minutes. Kill two birds with one stone and jump into this routine right after your next cardio or weights session.

Jessica Downey

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