I tried this exercise to improve my pelvic floor strength and reduce lower-back pain

This Pilates-inspired movement could improve your joint and muscle health

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I've recently started adding Pilates classes into my exercise routine, alongside my regular yoga and CrossFit classes. I find that the low-impact practice is very effective at strengthening smaller muscles in my body, which I often overlook during regular training sessions.

I came across the below video from physiotherapist and Pilates instructor Anabelen Aranton, sharing a move that's designed to strengthen the pelvic floor and reduce lower-back pain. As someone who regularly suffers with back pain after sitting at my desk all day, I decided it was worth giving this quick exercise a go. 

It's a wall Pilates exercise, which means that you can use a surface to support you during the move. Other than this, the exercise doesn't require any equipment. 

Watch Anabelen Aranton's Instagram Reel

I did the exercise during the working day, after I'd been sitting down for a few hours and my hips and back were feeling stiff; I was hoping it would provide some relief.

I started by lying on my back with both legs up against the wall. Even in this starting position, I felt a satisfying stretch down both of my hamstrings and I also felt a release in my hips.

From there, I brought my knee towards my chest while keeping my foot on the wall and then slowly opened my leg to the side. I initially felt my leg dragging down the wall quite quickly, so I had to engage my core muscle to move with better control. I held the stretch for a few breaths and felt my hips open and pelvic floor engage while doing so.

After doing the exercise on both sides, I did notice that my hips felt less tight and my lower back was less achy. 

However, I think I'd need to do this movement on a more regular basis to notice long-term improvements. I also think the movement was quite gentle, and while it did activate my pelvic floor and mobilize my hips, I'm not sure it provided any real strength benefits. 

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