Strengthen your whole body in just 30 minutes with this Power Pilates workout

Grab a light pair of dumbbells and work your shoulders, core, glutes and more with this efficient session

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If you’re a Pilates lover, then we’ve found your new favorite routine. Described as "Power Pilates", this workout will provide all the usual Pilates benefits (a stronger core, better mobility and boosted posture) with an added strength element. 

And if you’ve not tried Pilates before, don’t sweat it—this routine from trainer Roxanne Russell is suitable for beginners too. 

We recommend that you grab a yoga mat and some medium to light dumbbells to do it. However, the workout can also be done without weights if you don’t have access to any equipment. 

Watch Roxanne Russell’s Power Pilates workout

Russell uses 1kg and 3kg dumbbells but suggests using whatever load feels comfortable for you. Check out our helpful guidance on what dumbbell weight you should use if you’re struggling to find the right level of resistance. 

What is Power Pilates?

Power Pilates is an adapted version of the traditional bodyweight practice we all know and love. By adding weights to traditional Pilates moves this style of exercise can boost your strength gains.

This is a very time-efficient routine, as it targets a wide range of muscles across your body, including your glutes, shoulders, core and back. The session also finishes with some basic stretching exercises, which should help you feel more limber.

Combining strength work with flexibility and mobility practices like this is one of the best ways to build yourself a fit and functional body, which can handle the rigours of everyday life and fend off potential injuries. 

Don’t forget, if you’re new to workouts with weights you may experience some muscle soreness the following day (DOMS). While normal, this can be frustrating and painful, so allow your body time to rest and recover. 

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