The abs workout this trainer is using to prep for summer is only four moves, and there's not a sit-up in sight

Build a strong core using this simple bodyweight routine

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Summer is coming, and that might mean you're tempted to add more abs work to your daily movement. And why not? The abs are part of your core and there are many benefits to a stronger core, such as improved posture and reduced lower-back pain.

If you're searching for moves to try, check out this four-move bodyweight routine from personal trainer Julia Morgan which she's using to prepare for summer.

It's a teaser for Morgan's Bridal Bootcamp—a six-week, three-workouts-a-week plan that costs $37.99. The plan combines muscle-toning weights workouts, metabolism-boosting cardio sessions and abs finishers. Morgan's Reel is the type of abs finisher you can expect and it looks like a scorcher.

How to do Julia Morgan's core workout


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As Morgan notes in the caption, the footage is sped up, and you should move in a slow, controlled manner. In fact, the slower you move the more challenging and effective the routine will be, because your muscles will be under tension for longer.

The routine begins with a combination of two dynamic moves, a single-leg V-up on each side followed by four bicycle crunches (two each side). The single-leg V-up requires a decent level of flexibility and core strength. If you find yourself unable to power the move with your midsection and are straining your neck and shoulders instead, you can take the difficulty down a notch with a modified V-sit where you keep your hands on the floor for support and bend your knees as you bring them towards your chest.

The next two moves, the walking plank and rocking hollow hold, add movement to isometric exercises. The goal is to maintain the plank position while you transition from your forearms to your hands, and keep the bowl shape while you rock back and forth.

Morgan shares rep counts in her video, but it's important that you don't force out reps if your form starts to falter. It's better to stop, and then try to add another rep when you repeat the workout.

Will this workout help you get abs?

While this workout will challenge your core, you need to follow a strict training and diet plan to achieve the eye-popping six-packs you'll see on trainers on platforms such as Instagram. Morgan's Bridal Bootcamp plan, with its combination of full-body, muscle-building sessions, and calorie-burning cardio workouts will take care of the training, but you'll still need to follow a diet that gives you enough energy to work out, but that puts you in a slight calorie deficit so you can lower your body fat and reveal your abs.

If that sounds like too much work, don't despair, it's still worth trying this workout. As well as strengthening your core, you will engage a wide range of muscles and develop your coordination and stability.

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