This seven-move kettlebell workout boosts your metabolism and burns fat

Three rounds of seven moves is all it takes to start building core strength and full-body muscle

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Muscle-building workouts often require a set of dumbbells. These weights are incredibly versatile, but if you want to raise your metabolism, burn fat, and drop pounds simultaneously, it's worth diving into this seven-move kettlebell workout.

Although you can get started with any kettlebell, if you're training at home, it's worth investing in a set of the best kettlebells. Some are adjustable, combining several weights to save space, and you can find models with different finishes and grips.

Then, with a pair of kettlebells at your side, you can take on this high-intensity kettlebell routine developed by personal trainer Bradley Simmonds. There are seven moves in total, and you repeat the round three times for a fat-burning, muscle-building workout.

Each exercise is designed to work your whole body, which is what makes this session so effective. You'll do 10 repetitions of each of these multi-muscle compound moves with a 30-second rest between activities.

To get the most from your training and to avoid injury, be sure to focus on your form. Simmonds has helpfully recorded tutorials for each exercise, and you can practice the technique before you get started.

Watch Bradley Simmonds' seven-move kettlebell workout

The routine includes workout staples like push-ups, reverse lunges, and kettlebell swings, alongside moves like the swing and press, gorilla rows, squat thrusters, and devil presses. While these are a great way to build muscle, they'll also help you reach your other fitness goals.

As these are high-intensity exercises and you're only taking short rests, you'll keep your heart rate up across the workout. This helps burn energy during the routine, but it also helps to boost your metabolism for all-day fat burning.

This is similar to a HIIT workout for fat loss, where the aim is to train hard in short bursts with brief breaks between sets. This kettlebell workout is built around reps rather than time but has a comparable effect.

Although Simmonds' routine is focused on kettlebells, if you only have a set of the best adjustable dumbbells to hand, you can use them as an alternative. This will work slightly different muscles since the weight of a kettlebell is off-center, but it's still an effective way to train.

If you're new to kettlebell training and want a way to practice the technique, consider adding this kettlebell workout for beginners to your schedule. These five moves are ideal for working your core and lower body while also helping you focus on your form.

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