Wellness Week Day Six: Science Saturday

From gait analysis to winter health, we've got a batch of science-backed tips to make sure you're well-informed this Wellness Week

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Wellness Week is almost over. We've had Monday Motivation, a diet transformation with Foodie Tuesday, and revolutionised your exercise with Workout Wednesday. 

After catching a break with Therapy Thursday and examining the best technology with Fit Tech Friday, we're almost done with our week-long journey to equip you with everything you need to get fit for life. We've highlighted a lot of scientific research and studies over the last week, but today we're doing a real deep-dive into the science of wellness.

For science, data is key, and you get lots of data from fitness trackers and heart rate monitors. However, there's a big question mark over what you actually do with the data. We'll show you why you should track your heart rate and how to use the data with our guide. 

Talking of why you should use tech to inform your workout, we look at the process of using gait analysis to improve your run. Gait analysis is the process of mapping the way you run in order to identify errors or imbalances in your running patterns. The analysis comes up with a 2D (or sometimes 3D) piece of imaging, which every runner needs to see. 

There's loads more science to supercharge your health and fitness: winter health tips to keep your immune system topped up as flu season closes in, how to reduce back pain and maintain good posture while working from home, and even how to curb menopausal joint pain

You can find all this and more science-backed health and fitness tips in today's Science Saturday blowout. Check out the next series of Wellness Week content below. 

Wellness Week Day Six: Science Saturday


Wellness Week on Fit&Well
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