Adjustable dumbbell deal: Save $$ on these weights for your home gym

The Skonyon adjustable dumbbell with its no-hassle locking mechanism is cheaper than ever at Walmart

Dumbbell deal
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The best adjustable dumbbells are essential additions to any home gym. With the ability to strengthen muscle and bone, a bit of creativity ensures you can use a dumbbell to sculpt your arms, shoulders, core, glutes and quads. It's the ultimate versatile fitness tool. 

Right now, you can get this top dumbbell deal at Walmart. The Skonyon 45lbs Adjustable Dumbbell normally retails at $199. However, Walmart has slashed its price by $70, so for a limited time, you can grab better fitness by the handle for just $129.97. Check out the deal in full beloW:

Save $70 on this adjustable dumbbell deal below:

Skonyon 45lbs Non-Slip Dumbbell | was $199 | now $129.97 at Walmart

Skonyon 45lbs Non-Slip Dumbbell | was $199 | now $129.97 at Walmart
Save on one of the best adjustable dumbbells around. Spin-lock dumbbells are a pain to change the weights: however, thanks to Skonyon's stand and unique C-shape plate design, you only have to place the dumbbell back in the stand and rotate the handle to alter the weight. 

Why get this dumbbell deal?

The Skonyon adjustable dumbbell has a very cool design. Each plate is steel wrapped in soft plastic for cushioning and comfort, forming a C-shape into which you slot the handle. Simply twist the handle to lock the plate in place: no spending minutes between sets spinning the lock to try and change the weights. It's a beautifully well-thought-out design. 

The dumbbell comes with a stand to place the whole unit in, and can weigh up to 45lbs when fully loaded: enough for most people, and more than most conventional adjustable dumbbell sets. The durable material has a premium look and feel, while the handle is textured to provide additional grip. 

Dumbbells' greatest strength are their versatility. Grip it in both hands when performing squats to train your squats and glutes, or doing overhead curls to train your triceps. Or, you can take the weight down and use it in a single hand to train your shoulders and arms. 

This has the added benefit of training your core: as you force your body to stay in the correct position while being unbalanced with a weight in one side, it activates all the stabilising muscles in the trunk of your body. Want to look better and feel stronger? This is the deal for you.  

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