Get this 10kg Decathlon adjustable dumbbell at Walmart for UNDER $50

The US retailer has cut $22 off this great value adjustable dumbbell, allowing you to pick up a set for less than $50

Decathlon 10 kg/22 lb Weight Training Adjustable Dumbbell
(Image credit: Walmart)


Whether you've been working out at home for years or you're a pandemic-era convert, it was tough to get your hands on any of the best adjustable dumbbells throughout 2020. Prices rocketed for in-demand exercise equipment, making them unaffordable for most people.

Adjustable dumbbells are ideal for at-home exercise as they're space-saving and multi-functional. There's no need for large dumbbell racks, and you can adjust the weight depending on the type of exercise you're doing. As such, they're an excellent choice for households as they can accommodate different strengths and workout styles. 

The downside is even some of the best value sets are around $100 or more, so they're a substantial investment. However, this Decathlon 10kg adjustable dumbbell is currently available for just $22.99 at Walmart, making it almost half price, so you can pick up a set of two for less than $50. 

Snap up the deal below, and for more home workout bargains check out our dedicated Black Friday weights deals page.

Get this top adjustable dumbbell deal below:

now $22.99 at Walmart

Decathlon 10 kg/22 lb Adjustable Dumbbell | was $44.99 | now $22.99 at Walmart

This adjustable dumbbell includes a 2kg bar, four 1kg weight plates, and two 2kg plates, allowing you to opt for a weight between 2kg and 10kg. The plates slide onto the bar and are held in place with a clip-on weight collar. The bar has a marked out grip section and the dumbbell comes with with a 5-year warranty. 

Why get this deal?

Adjustable dumbbells are often incredibly expensive, but this 10kg Decathlon adjustable dumbbell was already great value and is now almost 50% off at Walmart. While many sets cost hundreds of dollars, you can pick up a set here for less than $50, saving money and space for your at-home workouts. At a maximum of 10kg, they're ideal for beginners and intermediate lifters. 

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