You don't need sit-ups to build core strength, try this 10 minutes ab workout instead

This time-efficient ab workout can help those with a busy schedule build a stronger core

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Finding time to train your abs on top of your weekly workout routine can be a tricky task, but being tight on time is no excuse when this core strength session from online fitness star Chloe Ting takes just 10 minutes. 

Ignore your core at your peril, with the abdominal muscles responsible for helping you perform everyday tasks like getting out of bed in the morning and bending down to pick things up. They also play a pivotal role in supporting your trunk as you perform exercises like the squat and deadlift. So, it goes without saying that training your core using some of the best workouts for abs comes with a whole host or real-world benefits, including improving your stability and decreasing your risk of injury. 

When we come to isolate these muscles, we double up the tension as our ab muscles respond to the contraction and extension of each move. This is why workouts like this new 10-minute session from Chloe Ting can be so short and still get results. 

Ting's efficient approach to fitness attracted plenty of attention over lockdown when her equipment-free workout routines provided people with a way to stay in shape while stuck inside. We would, however, recommend investing in one of the best yoga mats to keep your limbs cushioned and comfortable.

Her workouts are packed with exercises designed to engage the core and ab muscles. Twin this with the right diet (find out what to eat to lose belly fat with our feature on the topic) and regularly expending calories with some resistance training, and you're on the right track to develop strength and definition across your stomach.

Watch Chloe Ting's 10-minute Ab Workout

Ting's ab workout involves 14 different exercises which are to be performed for 30-40 seconds followed by 5-10 seconds rest. If you're new to training your core then you might like to tailor the rest periods to be a little longer.

As you work through the different moves, such as V-Sit Scissors, Plank Leg Lifts, and Hip Dips, it's important that you really focus on engaging the muscles across your stomach by drawing your tummy button towards your spine.

While a lot of people train their core for aesthetic reasons it's also worthwhile noting that having a stronger core can enhance your performance in other sports. For example, this study published in the PLOS One journal revealed that eight weeks of core training can improve core endurance and running economy.

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