Plyometrics workout challenge: jump yourself fit in just 30 days!

Take our plyometrics workout challenge to increase your power, strength and calorie burn in just one month

Plyometrics workout challenge: woman doing jumping exercises in a park
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Our plyometrics workout challenge is just the ticket if you're looking for an exercise routine that'll put a spring in your step!

Plyometrics is simply a snazzy word for jumping. Not just a playground throwback, jumping exercises can also boost energy levels and firm up your derrière in no time. But you'll need a pair of the best cross training shoes for support. 

These moves also increase your power and strength. ‘This is because plyometric workouts focus on your fast muscle twitch fibres (which are used in dynamic bursts of movement like sprinting and lifting weights),’ explains celebrity trainer Chris Richardson (opens in new tab)

‘This type of training can also boost weight loss and help tone and define your muscles,’ he adds. Plus, the post-training boost, will keep you burning calories long after you’ve unlaced your trainers. 

Plyometrics workouts don’t just make you look good - they help you feel good too. They can help improve bone density (which starts to decrease after the age 25), plus the explosive movements will rev up your metabolism and leave you raring to go. For the ultimate butt (and mood!) lift, dive straight in to our ky moves...

Plyometrics workout challenge: 6 key moves

Below are the six key moves you'll need to master in order to take on our 20-day plyometrics workout challenge.

These energising jumps will firm up your glutes (your bum), quads and hamstrings (your thighs). To perfect your technique, Chris advises: ‘Use your arms to fire downwards, flex your knees, hinge through your trunk and drive up from there.’

Star Jump

Plyometrics workout: woman doing a Star Jump

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  • Stand with knees soft, feet shoulder-width apart and arms relaxed at your sides
  • Bend your legs and jump up as high as you can, while extending your limbs out fully to create a star shape mid-air
  • Land softly with knees bent
  • Return to the start position

Squat Jump

Plyometrics workout: woman doing a Squat Jump

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  • Stand with feet shoulder-width apart
  • Engage your core and lower into a squat position bringing your hands together at chest level, palms face-down
  • Jump up as high as you can, releasing your hands and throwing them behind you
  • Use your whole foot to jump, not just your toes
  • Lower back into the squat position to complete one rep

Long jump

Plyometrics workout: woman doing a Long Jump

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  • Stand in a partial squat stance, with feet shoulder-width apart and arms by your side
  • Using a big arm swing upwards, jump forwards as far as you can, reaching with your legs
  • Land softly with knees bent

Frog Jump

Plyometrics workout: woman doing a Frog Jump

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  • Start in a standing position with a slight bend in your knee - maintain this throughout
  • Slowly squat down all the way to the ground and place both hands in front of you, but try not to use them for balance
  • Explode up into the air, throwing arms back
  • Land as quietly as possible back into the low squat

Ice Skater

Plyometrics workout: woman doing an Ice Skater

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  • Stand with feet shoulder-width apart
  • Start by hopping onto your right foot, while sweeping your left leg behind your right
  • From this position, hop back to your left foot, sweeping your right leg around, behind your left leg

Tuck Jump

Plyometrics workout: woman doing a Tuck Jump

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  • Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, arms out at chest level, palms facing the floor
  • Engage your core and lower into slight squat position, before jumping up as high as you can
  • Pull your knees towards your chest, aiming to touch the palms of your hands
  • Focus on your technique to start, rather than on the height - that will come over time

Plyometrics workout challenge: your 30-day plan

Mastered the moves? Then you're ready to go! Follow our day-by-day plyometrics workout plan below, which increases the amount of reps you do as the days go by. 

This plan is ideal to incorporate into your usual gym routine, or else alongside any other workouts you may do. Just remember to listen to your body, only do what you feel capable of, and be sure to take those all-important rest days. Happy jumping!

Day 1

5 x Star Jump

5 x Squat Jump

5 x Long Jump

Day 2

6 x Star Jump

6 x Squat Jump

6 x Long Jump

Day 3

7 x Star Jump

7 x Squat Jump

7 x Long Jump

Day 4

8 x Star Jump

8 x Squat Jump

8 x Long Jump

Day 5

9 x Star Jump

9 x Squat Jump

9 x Long Jump

Day 6

10 x Star Jump

10 x Squat Jump

10 x Long Jump

Day 7

11 x Star Jump

11 x Squat Jump

11 x Long Jump

Day 8

REST DAY! All that jumping will take its toll on your leg muscles, so grab a  foam roller to do some recovery exercises. Don't already own one? We’ve picked the best foam rollers that are up to the job, from basic models through to high-tech vibrating muscle saviors.

Day 9

12 x Star Jump

12 x Squat Jump

12 x Long Jump

Day 10

13 x Star Jump

13 x Squat Jump

13 x Long Jump

Day 11

14 x Star Jump

14 x Squat Jump

14 x Long Jump

Day 12

15 x Star Jump

15 x Squat Jump

15 x Long Jump

Day 13

16 x Star Jump

16 x Squat Jump

16 x Long Jump

Day 14

18 x Star Jump

18 x Squat Jump

18 x Long Jump

Day 15

20 x Star Jump

20 x Squat Jump

20 x Long Jump

Day 16


Day 17

5 x Frog Jump

5 x Ice Skater

5 x Tuck Jump

Day 18

5 x Frog Jump

6 x Ice Skater

6 x Tuck Jump

Day 19

7 x Frog Jump

7 x Ice Skater

7 x Tuck Jump

Day 20

8 x Frog Jump

8 x Ice Skater

8 x Tuck Jump

Day 21

9 x Frog Jump

9 x Ice Skater

9 x Tuck Jump

Day 22

10 x Frog Jump

10 x Ice Skater

10 x Tuck Jump

Day 23


Day 24

12 x Frog Jump

12 x Ice Skater

12 x Tuck Jump

Day 25

13 x Frog Jump

13 x Ice Skater

13 x Tuck Jump

Day 26

14 x Frog Jump

14 x Ice Skater

14 x Tuck Jump

Day 27

15 x Frog Jump

15 x Ice Skater

15 x Tuck Jump

Day 28

16 x Frog Jump

16 x Ice Skater

16 x Tuck Jump

Day 29

18 x Frog Jump

18 x Ice Skater

18 x Tuck Jump

Day 30

20 x Frog Jump

20 x Ice Skater

20 x Tuck Jump

Congratulations! You’ve completed our 30-day plyometrics workout challenge! Share your results with us on Instagram @wearefitandwell (opens in new tab).

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