All you need is four moves and a kettlebell to build stronger abs

Work your core, strengthen your abs, and improve your posture with this short resistance routine

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Looking for a quick abs strengthening routine? This four-move routine promises to help build functional strength in your abdominal muscles, and there's not a sit up in sight!

While it's possible to develop visible muscle with these moves, the main aim is to use functional strength training exercises to condition your body for everyday activities such as walking, twisting, and lifting heavy household items.

This midsection-focused routine comes from Oyinda Okunowo (known by her social media handle, Oyinda Fitness), a level 3 personal trainer and level 2 fitness instructor. 

To take part in this workout all you'll need is some space to move around and a kettlebell. If you haven't got a kettlebell, check our out guide to the best kettlebells to find an adjustable or fixed weight option for your home.

It's important to get the technique right to get the most from your training, so perfect your form with Okunowo's demonstrations before you start. This will also help you to avoid any injury, which is a concern when working with weights. 

There are four moves in all, and you'll do between 10 and 12 repetitions of each, repeating the circuit three times for an effective core-strengthen, abs-building routine that you can do several times a week. 

Watch Oyinda Okunowo's four-move abs workout


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Adding core strengthening exercises to your existing training routine can also help to improve your performance as your core connects your upper and lower body. It can also help develop stability and even promote circulation. 

However, despite frequent interchangeable use, there is a difference between abs and core training. While abs make up a portion of your core section (the exterior muscles responsible for the appearance of a six-pack), working your entire core is important in creating a strong mid section.

However, if a six-pack is your goal, it's important to remember you can't spot target areas of fat on your body. You will need to focus on workouts that help you burn fat, like a high-intensity HIIT workout for fat loss. This keeps your heart rate high and helps to boost your metabolism (the amount of energy you burn throughout the day). 

If you're new to abs workouts like this, you'll likely feel some soreness the next day. This is known as delayed-onset muscle soreness (DOMS) and is caused by tiny tears in your muscles fibres that your body needs protein to repair. 

Many people use post-workout protein shakes to promote recovery, but it's not easy to find a powder aimed at building lean muscle. Fortunately, Fit&Well has tested the best protein powders for weight loss to help you find several low-fat options.

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