All you need is two dumbbells and four moves to build full-body strength

Develop strength all over and boost your metabolism with this short dumbbell workout

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This full body routine is a great one to do solo at home alone or at the gym with a friend. In just four movements you will work your whole body; perfect if you're looking for a quick routine or some strengthening movements to add on to the end of your workout.

Full body strengthening workouts, like this four-move routine from Move With Maggs, are a great way to build muscle, targeting (you guessed it) all your muscle groups in one short session.

This is a good way to promote full-body strength for your daily activities, like walking and carrying groceries, but it's also an efficient way to exercise if you're short on time and unable to dedicate extended workouts to each muscle group. 

To start, all you'll need is two dumbbells, although you might want a selection of loads to use on different moves. If you're training at home, it's worth investing in a set of the best adjustable dumbbells, which combine several weights in one. 

Correct form is vitally important in all exercises, but especially so when using weights. Before taking on this routine, carefully watch the instructor's movements to practice your technique. 

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Part of the reason these moves are so effective is that Move With Magg's routine uses several compound exercises . These work multiple muscles simultaneously for a time-efficient muscle-building routine. 

And because more muscles are involved, you can generally lift a larger load than if you did a single-muscle isolation move like a biceps curl, which gives you a more effective muscle-building session. 

Whether you want to use these four exercises back to back for a full workout session, or if you want to integrate a few into your regular routine, we've listed all the moves you need below. 

Move With Maggs' workout routine

It's important to take time to recover after your workout to give your body time to repair and strengthen your muscles. Plus, it can help reduce the effects of delayed-onset muscle soreness (DOMS). 

To help the muscles recover, many people take protein shakes after their workout. If you're after a new supplement to add to your post-workout drink, the best protein powders for weight loss are a great place to start. 

Want to try more dumbbell exercises? Fit&Well has you covered—check out our guide to dumbbell exercises you can do at home with minimal weights or at the gym with a full set. 

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