Build core strength and burn fat with this five-move kettlebell workout

These multi-muscle kettlebell exercises work your whole body and boost your metabolism

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If you're tight on time, you'll be after a time-efficient way to train. Rather than focus on single-muscle exercises like bicep curls or leg extensions, you can use this multi-muscle kettlebell workout to burn fat and develop strength in just five moves.

Whether you prefer working out at the gym or exercising at home, you only need one of the best kettlebells to get started. These off-center weights are ideal for high-intensity training as they work your core, utilize your whole body, and help raise your heart rate.

Although you can learn how to do kettlebell swings to see results, this short routine from fitness YouTubers Tiff x Dan is a more varied way to train. There are two swing variations, plus three other moves designed to work your core and upper body.

It's essential to focus on your form to get the most from your workout and to avoid injury, a particular concern when training with weights. So, be sure to watch Tiff x Dan's demonstrations for each exercise before you get started.

The duo hasn't suggested a particular amount of repetitions or time to train. Still, it's worth putting these five moves into a high-intensity resistance training (HIRT) circuit—exercise for 40 seconds, take a 20-second break and continue with the round.

Watch Tiff x Dan's five-move kettlebell workout

If you work out this way, each round lasts five minutes—easy enough to fit in even when you're short on time. If you have a bit longer to spare, try repeating the circuit five times for a 25-minute fat-burning, muscle-building session.

HIRT is quite a lot like HIIT, high-intensity interval training, but with a focus on strength exercises in place of cardio-based activities. The aim is the same: to exercise intensely for short bursts to raise your heart rate.

This helps burn energy during the session and boosts your metabolism to increase the amount of fat you burn during the day. This is why many people use a HIIT workout for fat loss when looking to drop pounds.

However, Tiff x Dan's kettlebell exercises also work several muscles simultaneously. This increases the energy burn, encourages different areas of your body to move together, and improves the efficiency of the routine.

These multi-muscle moves are known as compound exercises. They are favored by many as an efficient way to train, even Chris Hemsworth's personal trainer, who uses compound moves to fit effective workouts into busy schedules.

Whether you're new to weights training or using this workout to vary your routine, you'll likely experience delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) the following day. Fortunately, a quick massage with one of the best foam rollers can reduce the pain and promote recovery.

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