Build full-body strength and endurance with just two dumbbells

Strengthen your heart, lungs and muscles with this five-move conditioning workout

A woman performing a dumbbell lunge
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Improving your strength and endurance don't need to be separate pursuits. You can work towards both goals by doing a conditioning workout.

These types of workouts can be done with minimal equipment—simple bodyweight exercises like burpees can get your heart rate up and your muscles burning. But if you do have a set of dumbbells at home, we'd recommend trying a fast-paced, full-body routine like this one from certified personal trainer James Stirling (AKA the London Fitness Guy).  

There are just five compound exercises in the circuit. Perform each one for 50 seconds, take a 10-second rest, then move on to the next exercise. Once you've finished the sequence, repeat it five times.  

Watch Stirling's video below to see the moves. Don’t forget to warm-up and practice your technique before you begin, then start a timer and get moving.  

Watch the London Fitness Guy's five move dumbbell workout

Conditioning workouts are popular at the moment. The routines are designed to raise your heart rate, increase your calorie burn and develop your cardiovascular endurance—your heart and lungs' ability to supply your body with oxygen while you exercise. 

They can also help with weight management, make everyday activities like running for the bus feel easier, and even reducing your risk of diseases such as heart conditions, according to the Cleveland Clinic

This particular workout also brings in elements of high-intensity resistance training or HIRT. This fast-paced style of resistance training strengthens your muscles, bones and joints in a short period of time.

So if you only have 30 minutes to work out and you want maximum bang for your buck, Stirling's routine should definitely be on your shortlist.  

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