Can this TikTok chia seed drink help you to lose weight?

Chia seeds are a great source of fiber when sprinkled into things like oats or a smoothie but why are Tiktokers drinking it?

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You might have noticed chia seeds becoming a fairly popular addition to various foods - people like sprinkling the small black seeds over granola, or blending them into a smoothie and even chia seed pudding is a thing. A much newer trend has been spotted over on TikTok and it has people adding chia seeds to water and they claim it is a great weight loss booster.

Focussing on both diet and exercise can give you the best shot at losing weight. This is why gaining knowledge on things like what are the best exercise machines to lose weight and learning how to eat healthily can offer you a good starting point for reducing body weight, and do it in a healthy way. 

TikTok is no doctor or weight loss specialist but it's users often share some interesting diet hacks of their own - some more reliable than others. And this chia seed and water drink is a new weight loss trend, which has been receiving a lot of attention over on the app right now.

A user named @happyandhealthyolivia has received over 16.3 million views on a Tiktok where she shares her take on why mixing chia seeds and water (with an optional squeeze of lime) can help you to lose weight. 

In the video the Tiktoker says, "Chia seeds expand in your stomach and form a thick gel reducing your appetite and increasing feelings of fullness," she adds "which can help you stay in a calorie deficit." 

Various other Tiktokers have tried out the trend including another user who goes by the name @katielopynski. In her own video she said, "If you are trying to lose weight drink before meals to help you stay in a calorie deficit".

 You can watch the original video below:


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How reliable is this trend?

Eating foods that are high in fiber can keep you fuller for longer, and consuming foods rich in protein can aid fat loss and maintain muscle while boosting your metabolism. This can be really handy when trying to lose weight. 

Chia seeds are rich in both and there is scientific evidence to suggest eating them can aid weight loss. This 2014 study found that consuming 35 grams of chia seed flour everyday day for 12 weeks saw a group of overweight and obese people lose weight, reduce waist circumference and lower cholesterol.

Lola Biggs, Dietician at Together Health agrees that chia seeds are a great source of fibre and says that they provide good nutritional benefits. She said:

 "When they encounter liquid, they expand and form a thick gel. They may prevent hunger as they take longer to digest meaning you feel fuller for longer, however, they are unlikely to cause significant weight loss on their own.”

Biggs highlights that she tries to avoid weight loss food trends and instead advises eating a well-balanced diet and taking a sensible and healthy approach to help you lose weight. 

If you are are looking to up your fiber intake and increase feelings of satiety then chia seeds are still a healthy option to include in your diet. Biggs suggests adding them to yoghurt, salads, soups, stews. "You can even include them in your homemade pancakes and breads," she concludes.

Our best vegan cookbook guide also can provide you with healthy recipes that provide feelings of fullness too.

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