Develop lower-body strength in just six moves with this dumbbell workout

This short, effective routine works your whole body, strengthens your core and builds stronger legs

Woman performing a dumbbell squat
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Many of us focus on our arms, back, chest, and shoulders when we're looking to build muscle, but it's essential to pay attention to your lower half too. Fortunately, you can develop strength in just six moves with this multi-muscle lower-body dumbbell workout. 

You don't need a whole gym's worth of equipment to give it a go, just a set of the best adjustable dumbbells. These are ideal for at-home training as they combine several dumbbells into one compact package, meaning you can easily store them away. Plus, you can gradually increase the load as you get stronger, in line with the progressive overload principle. 

If you're at the gym or have a set of fixed-load dumbbells instead, you can still do this workout. Just make sure you choose a pair of weights that will challenge your muscles without being so heavy they affect your form. Then you're ready to take on this six-move lower-body routine from YouTube fitness duo Tiff x Dan

They recommend performing 10-12 repetitions of each move and repeating the six-move round circuit times for a muscle-building session. You can also gradually increase the weight with each set or "perform slower and more controlled reps with each new set to make it more challenging."

Watch Tiff x Dan's six-move leg workout

To get the most from your workout and avoid injury it's essential to focus on your form. If you need a refresher, you can watch Dan's demonstrations and practice your technique before you start. 

The workout is based on weighted squat variations designed to work your legs, glutes and core. So, although the primary focus is on your lower body, it's a good way to train your abs too, especially if you're short on time and need a time-efficient exercise session. 

One of the reasons this is such an effective routine for building muscle is that the squat is an excellent example of a compound exercise. These moves work multiple muscles simultaneously, so they're more efficient than single-muscle moves like bicep curls.

To get the best results from your workouts, you'll also need to keep your body topped up with plenty of protein to help your muscles recover and grow. The best protein powders for weight loss are a good way to increase your daily intake and build lean muscle, especially if you prepare them with one of the best blenders for protein powders

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