How to get a shredded summer body, according to this Brazilian model

TikTok and IG sensation Fafa Fitness shared her musle-building summer workout

TikTok star Fafa Fitness showing off her muscular physique
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Instagram model, bodybuilder and fitness guru Fafa, is known online as Fafa Fitness, with over 700k followers on TikTok. Our sister YouTube channel Truly has been documenting Fafa's time in Miami as she checks out the hottest gyms and shares her summer shred program - ending with a photo shoot to showcase her results to her followers. 

Fafa told Truly: “By doing this photoshoot I hope to motivate a lot of people. I want people to contact me, because I am really here to help them. I want them to see my results so they can come to me. I am going to be able to show them what amazing things they can do for themselves.” 

Fafa has got her boyfriend Nick involved to help with the photoshoot, but with a lot of photos to take, let’s see if Nick can keep up... 

Watch the Fafa Fitness Workout here:

Fafa wants her followers to see what is possible for them to achieve and in order to do so, she's sharing her own personal tips. “I am willing to give all my secrets," she said. "Some people hold back to share secrets because they want to do most of it. I am actually there to make a difference and I know how to do it right."

Top tips to get summer shredded

Fafa can be seen doing leg extensions to tone her quads, leg press to grow her entire legs and glutes, following up with sissy squats, half squats and a wall sit instead of resting. Fafa uses gym machines, but you can do all this at home with the best resistance bands and best adjustable dumbbells.

woman performing a wall sit

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Wall sits activate tons of muscle groups all throughout your lower body. including the "trunk" of your body, your abdominals and lower back. However, they're excellent for your glutes, hamstrings and calves, and if you're just coming into fitness for the first time, they're a great low-impact way to exercise your lower body with no running, heavy weights and only a limited range of motion needed.

Wall sits are what's called a "isometric" exercise. Rather than lower your body down and push upwards, isometric exercises are like wall-sits and planks, as you stay perfectly still and contract your muscles to hold a difficult posture. These kinds of exercises are extremely beneficial, according to NZ and Australian researchers, which report "substantial improvements" in strength and power. If you've got creaky joints or a limited range of motion, it's a great way to train your muscles while you work around these difficulties.

Finally, you'll need to help your muscles rebuild with some good sources of protein. Chicken, fish, beef steak and other lean meats are always good, or you can opt for one of the best protein powder for women or best protein powder for weight loss entries. 

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