Miami Muscle: These CrossFit twins try and outdo each other with push ups

In Miami, identical twins Pamela and Paola Del Hierro are keeping fit through healthy sibling rivalry

Miami Muscle
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CrossFit twins Pamela and Paola Del Hierro are keeping fit through healthy sibling rivalry. 43-year-old identical twin sisters Pamela and Paola, also known as the “Iron Twins” are both Miami based personal trainers. 

“Being twins we always have that healthy competition, always trying to beat each other,” Pamela told YouTube channel Truly, which is following the sisters for its Miami Muscle documentary series. Having started their fitness journey in their early 30s, the sisters initially specialised in CrossFit. However, since having had their children, they have now added pre and postnatal exercising to their list of expertise.

Both Pamela and Paola have a 3-year-old son, falling pregnant at the same time. 10 months ago Pamela had another daughter, and she’s now working hard on getting back into shape. 

Watch the twins' tough CrossFit WOD challenge here:

She added: “I’m 10 months postpartum, so I’m kind of making a comeback, which you know, I’m pretty much there, so yeah, better watch out Paola!” 

The twin sisters are set to stay in similar shapes and enjoy pushing each other to their fitness limits: “We literally are born with an accountability partner, which is awesome,” Paola added.

To spur her sister on, Paola has thrown down the gauntlet: the women compete in a CrossFit WOD challenge involving skipping, sit-ups and a tough push up challenge. Check out the full video above. 

Why do CrossFit?

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