Miami Muscle: Watch this real-life superhero woman push a two-tonne car

Carolyne Marquez is a bodybuilder and engineer who's packed with muscle – but is always accused of steroid abuse

Miami Muscle
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A female bodybuilder has set out to prove she is the real-life Superwoman by attempting to push her Hummer limousine dressed in cosplay. Carolyne Marquez, from Florida, started bodybuilding eight years ago and can now squat 350lbs, more than double her bodyweight. 

Carolyne did an interview with Truly, as part of the Youtube channel's Miami Muscle series. She told Truly: “I wasn’t the coolest kid. I was more of a geek, a nerd, I used to play video games. I was more of a loner. 

"Bodybuilding has shaped me into who I am today. By showing me you can do whatever you want in life.” 

As well as being a bodybuilder, Carolyne is also a successful social media influencer, mechanical engineer, and even a professional baker. She says that while having a large platform helps her career, she is often subject to abuse online, with many accusing her of taking steroids. She added: “I’m accused of using steroids around 10 times every two hours. I have never used steroids. Even if you used steroids, you wouldn’t be able to get my body. I just ignore them.”

Check out Carolyne's incredible muscle-building routine here:

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Carolyne decided to test her powerful legs in the video above by completing the ultimate challenge: dressed as the superhero Power Girl, she attempted to push her two-tonne Hummer limousine car across a parking lot. Check out the video above to see how she got on. 

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