Nominations open for the Fit&Well Awards 2022

Fit&Well is celebrating the very best brands and products in fitness, here’s how to get involved

Fit&Well Awards 2022: Nominations open
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The Fit&Well Awards are back for the second year running and now we’re thrilled to reveal that nominations for the awards are now open! This is the perfect opportunity for brand representatives to shout about the very best products making a genuine impact in the fitness and health world. Open from today through April 7, 2022, nominations can be made by visiting the dedicated Fit&Well Awards page.

Fitness and health journeys are very personal things and often come down to sheer determination and commitment - something which we’re big on celebrating. However, we also know there are certain products, brands, and equipment that make people's fitness journeys a whole lot better, and more long-lasting. So, if you represent a brand offering something that makes a genuine impact in the industry, get in touch. Whether that’s a supplement that supports sports recovery or one that assists women going through menopause or maybe it’s an awesome fitness tracker or app helping people to reach their goals.

There are a total of eight categories open for nominations and your product doesn’t have to be limited to one category. You can also enter as many times as you wish. Products can be new to the industry or have stood the test of time, but all must be available to test as our expert judging panel will take each product through a thorough testing protocol before deciding on the best. Check out the categories below.

 Fit&Well Awards 2022 Categories 

  • Best Exercise Equipment of the Year  
  • Best Workout Clothing of the Year 
  • Best Fitness Tech of the Year  
  • Nutritional Product of the Year
  • Best Fitness Shoes of the Year  
  • Mindfulness/ Mental Health Product of the Year   
  • Best Fitness Brand of the Year  
  • Best Healthy Home Product of the Year  

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How can brands enter? 

Any brand reading this with a product or service making a positive impact in the health and fitness world have from now through April 22, 2022 to submit all entries via the Fit&Well Awards page. 

From then onwards, the shortlisted nominations will be tested by Fit&Well’s judging panel made up of leading experts in the industry. Winners will be announced in May 2022. In the meantime, you can either stay in the loop with the Fit&Well Awards online here or via our social media channels - follow @wearefitandwell on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  

 How can readers get involved? 

Despite the Fit&Well Awards going ahead to find the best fitness and health products in the industry, this is very much about our readers too. We know our readers like to find the most efficient and sustainable ways to stay fit and healthy, so we hope the awards will shine a light on the very best. 

If you’re a reader and have a story about your own relationship or journey with health and fitness, then feel free to share this with us. Maybe something, in particular, has helped you overcome a tricky habit such as binging, or perhaps you took up a new activity like yoga to boost your mental wellbeing? However big or small your story is, we’d love to hear.

Simply sum up your experience and send it over via this email Anyone who submits a story will be entered into a prize draw to win a top-of-the-range ProForm Pro 750R Rower - one of the best rowing machines available right now! 

Jessica Downey

Jessica is an experienced fitness writer with a passion for running. Her career in journalism began in local news and she holds a Masters in journalism. Jessica has previously written for Runners World, penning news and features on fitness, sportswear and nutrition. 

When she isn't writing up news and features for Fit&Well covering topics ranging from muscle building, to yoga, to female health and so on, she will be outdoors somewhere, testing out the latest fitness equipment and accessories to help others find top products for their own fitness journeys. Her testing pairs up nicely with her love for running. She recently branched out to running 10Ks and is trying to improve her time before moving on to larger races. Jessica also enjoys building on her strength in the gym and is a believer in health and wellness beginning in the kitchen. She shares all of this on her running Instagram account @jessrunshere which she uses for accountability and for connecting with like-minded fitness lovers.