Real life weight loss: How this man lost 104lbs and went from 'obese to beast'

After a doctor's prediabetes warning, Quantel Thomas underwent a triple-figure weight loss and took up bodybuilding

Quandel lifting weights after his weight loss transformation
(Image credit: Itsvan Lettang / Barcroft Media)

A 20-year-old-man lost 104lbs in 10 months after a doctor told him he was prediabetic. On 1 January 2018, Quantel Thomas made the same resolutions that so many vow to do at the start of a new year – lose weight, and go to the gym more. But for Quantel, these weren’t just feel-good attempts he could give up by February.

After being told by doctors he was at risk of diabetes, Quantel knew he had to make a change to his diet or risk permanent damage. By using bodybuilding principles, such as workouts with barbells and the best adjustable dumbbells, along with
a careful, protein-led diet, Quantel lost over 100lbs in 10 months. He went from 284lbs to 180lbs and transformed his body – including a new six-pack and all – in the process.

"I would say the transformation is all mental," said Quantel. "I just grind each and every day now, and the results speak for themselves."

Watch Quantel's radical transformation below: 

Perhaps even more astonishing is that Quantel did all of this without any formal fitness programme or a personal trainer. Going to the gym at least six days a week, Quantel can bench press 285lbs and deadlift up to 475lbs. Eventually, he hopes to get into body building – he currently weighs 204lbs as he attempts to bulk up – and is currently studying Exercise Science at college with plans to become a personal trainer. 

Always overweight as a child, Quantel’s weight gain accelerated when he had to stop playing football because of health issues. Eventually hitting the scales at 303 lbs, Quantel tried to lose weight – dropping a few pounds to 284 lbs but aside from the weight gain, Quantel was also suffering with depression – something he had lived with throughout his teenage years. 

Eventually doctors told him he was pre-diabetic and Quantel had to change his diet. Hitting the gym and proteins hard (including the best protein powder for weight loss), Quantel started noticing changes to his physique; in total he lost 104lbs in 10 months – but just as crucial to Quantel’s transformation were the positive changes to his mental health


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