Real life weight loss: This woman lost an incredible 312lbs to save her own life

Lexi from FatGirlFedUp lost an astonishing 312lbs since 2016, after describing herself as a "prisoner in her own body"

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Tipping the scales at 485lbs, Lexi Reed describes herself a “prisoner” in her own body – a body she worried wouldn’t even make it to her 30th birthday. "I would describe myself as an emotional eater. If there were celebrations, I ate. If I was sad, I ate. If I was happy, I ate." 

Stuck in a routine of coming home from work, sitting on the couch and ordering massive amounts of takeaway to eat while watching TV with her husband Danny, Lexi had got into unhealthy patterns she couldn’t see a way to break. She told our sibling YouTube channel, Truly, "I knew nothing about nutrition or portion control. I suffered from being fatigued, I suffered from joint pain, I was afraid to die." Even on her wedding day, Lexi had been mistreated by her dress salespeople, judged due to her size.

But on January 1, 2016, fed up of her weight and sedentary lifestyle, Lexi decided to change her habits. In just two years Lexi lost an incredible 312lbs; Danny also started training with her, losing 95lbs himself. Check out her weight loss journey in full below: Now the couple work full time as fitness influencers on social media.

Watch Lexi's transformation journey here: 

"I wasn't living, I was just existing," said Lexi. "I usually go to the gym about six times a week now, and try and mix it up so I don't get bored and quit." From gym-based strength workouts to running, cycling and rock climbing, the couple train in a variety of different ways. 

Research from the University of Florida shows keeping that novelty is integral to maintaining a regime, increasing adherance to a fitness regime. If you're looking to stick to your goals in 2022, it's worth looking at equipment you can use in lots of different ways, such as our best adjustable dumbbells or best resistance bands. You can do hundreds of different kinds of moves and exercises, from light aerobic-style work to heavy weightlifting. 

Now the couple work full time as fitness influencers on social media. Lexi's account, FatGirlFedUp, has 1.2 million followers at time of writing. 

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