Resistance band workouts for building strength at home: Try this 20-minute tabata

If you are short on time, but still want to fit a muscle toning session in, grab a resistance band and give this routine a go

Woman workouts her glutes wearing a resistance band round her legs
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Short on time but want to work out? This twenty-minute tabata workout is a short and intense routine, consisting of five moves that you'll complete wearing a resistance band. It won't take you longer than twenty minutes but will help you grow and tone muscle in more than one muscle group.

Workouts that involve little to no equipment, much like this tabata routine, are perfect for anyone who prefers working out at home. All you will need prior to adding this video to your workout bank is one of the best resistance bands. This is an affordable and easy-to-transport piece of equipment that adds tension and resistance to your workouts.

The workout has been shared online by Heidi Powell, who was one of the fitness and transformation experts on ABC's Extreme Weight Loss show. Posted to her YouTube channel, Powell walks you through the workout showing you how to perform the five different exercises.

Five moves might not sound like a lot but this is a tabata style workout, which if you didn't already know means this routine will be completed at a high intensity. Watch Powell lead you through the moves below.


This type of high-intensity interval training will consist of 20-seconds of 100% max effort followed by 10 seconds of rest, and you will do this for eight rounds. 

Each round takes four minutes so you can either set a timer of your own and keep an eye on the interval times yourself. Alternatively, you can actually download a tabata timer app to your phone and this will notify you when you should be active and when you should rest in the workout.

Below are the moves you need to perform in order to complete the workout.


  • Banded Squat Jacks 
  • Crab Toe Touch 
  • Squat Shuffle 
  • Squat Side Kick
  • Plank Toe Raises

The five moves included in this tabata circuit work multiple muscle groups, but will particularly help to build strength in your core and glutes. The added layer of resistance provided by the band can activate and tone your body greater than if you performed the same exercises without one.

You can use the bands to aid your cool down afterward – this should always be included at the end of your workouts to avoid injury. They are a great tool to stretch with, helping you to improve flexibility and mobility. Grab one of the best yoga mats and spend some time on a few post-workout stretches.

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