Seven rules for losing weight and gaining muscle, in just one 21-second video

Bodybuilder Noel Deyzel breaks down the simple science-backed rules of fitness for us and his followers

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Chances are, if you're exercising, you're looking to lose weight or build muscle. The third option is to get better at a specific activity, such as running, soccer, boxing, dance or any number of sports, which often involves a bit more specialised training.

However, for the average person looking to get a little bit stronger or fit into a new outfit, it's going to be one of the first two. 

Whether you're looking at how to lose weight from your arms or you want to try to deadlift properly with barbells, it's quite easy to get lost in the smorgasbord of information out there. But fitness influencer and bodybuilder Noel Deyzel, who's racked up millions of fans on YouTube and TikTok, thinks differently. 

Deyzel's well-known for being honest in his videos, admitting to his steroid use, calling out online body-shamers and offering helpful workout and nutrition tips. In the video below, Deyzel waxes lyrical about how fitness has been overcomplicated by too much information, and puts forward seven simple rules for people trying to achieve their fitness: three to lose weight, four to gain muscle. All in just 21 seconds.

Watch Deyzel's simple rules for fitness below:

Noel's rules for losing weight

Noel's first rule is "eat less calories than you burn". This is what's known in fitness terms as a "calorie deficit", and the logic is pretty simple: by eating less, and moving more, you're losing weight faster than you can replace it. Austrian researchers found that "independently of the method for weight loss, the negative energy balance alone is responsible for weight reduction". It doesn't matter how you do it, but achieving that calorie deficit is absolutely key. 

Noel's second rule is "do cardio if you need to". As a bodybuilder, building muscle in the weights room is obviously Deyzel's top priority, and while this does burn calories, cardiovascular exercise protects your heart, boosts respiratory fitness and improves overall health. 

Noel's final rule is "eat protein with every meal". Proteins are amino acids that aid in the process of repairing and maintaining muscle, and it has also been shown to have weight loss properties. Research has found a high-protein diet contributes improvements in weight loss, whereas people on a low-protein diet in the same study found no improvements at all. Our guide to the best protein powder for weight loss can get you started.  

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Noel's rules for gaining muscle

Deyzel's rules for building muscle are just as simple. Firstly, eat more calories than you burn if you want to gain weight. Obviously, cramming in lots of ice-cream and chips won't build anything except your fat stores, but eating a healthy balanced diet in larger quantities is a great way to go from skinny to swole. 

"Sleep eight hours a night" is the next one. Researchers found that poor sleep quality and shorter sleeping times interferes with muscle growth and can even cause atrophy in extreme cases. Allowing your body to recover after a demanding workout is crucial, and sleeping is an integral part of muscle growth. Science isn't yet sure why. 

Focusing on weight training is the next step. After all, this is the practice that will help you build muscle, whether you're targeting specific areas or you're opting for heavier compound lifts such as barbell squats and deadlifts. Hopefully you're doing both – don't worry if you don't have a local gym, or don't feel comfortable joining just yet. Our guide to learning how to deadlift with dumbbells at home will steer you right. 

Finally, Deyzel recommends "eat protein with every meal". As mentioned above, protein is the building block of muscle growth, and you need some good protein sources to help you bulk up after those tough workouts.  

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