Strengthen your thighs, glutes and core in just 15 minutes with this four-move home workout

Only got 15 minutes spare? That's still enough time to squeeze in this lower-body workout

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It can be hard to fit in a workout when you've got a busy schedule. Thankfully, there are some efficient routines you can do in just fifteen minutes that strengthen multiple muscle groups and get your heart rate up.

NASM-certified personal trainer Sadielee Thomas has put together this quick workout that strengthens your core and lower body. It features plenty of time-savvy compound exercises, which will target multiple muscles at the same time. 

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To do this workout, perform the four exercises for 30 seconds, taking 30 seconds to rest between sets. Thomas recommends doing five rounds in total, but you can adjust this to suit your fitness levels. You can also ditch the dumbbells if you want an easier session. 


This workout targets your core, thighs and glutes, which are the muscles in your butt. Both the core muscles and the glutes provide support for your spine, so strengthening them could help ward off back pain. Your glutes are primarily responsible for your pelvic stability too, so keeping them in tip-top shape could help prevent hip injuries.

Speaking to Fit&Well about the importance of lower-body strength, personal trainer and nutrition coach Vicki Cumberworth said: “When the glutes and hamstrings are not doing their job the back has to take on all the load, which leads to injury. Strengthening the glutes and hamstrings is usually the answer to a lot of injuries including the knees, hips, pelvis, and back.”

Want an even simpler way to target your core and legs? Then you should learn how to squat. Squats are one of best glute exercises you can do, but they will also give your core muscles a good workout when they're done correctly. 

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