This 12-minute flexibility routine will improve your mobility and prevent injury

Mobility is often overlooked but plays an essential role in workout performance, posture, and injury prevention

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Modern life can be tough on our bodies. Whether sitting at our desks or relaxing on the couch, keeping our posture just right can be challenging. Adding to that, many exercises, like running or strength training, build muscle but can also make us less flexible than we'd like. 

While many people grab a set of the best resistance bands to get some stretches in, it's also worth working on your mobility without equipment too. Fitness YouTuber Tom Merrick has put together a 12-minute flexibility that'll open your hips and help you avoid injury in the long run. 

Like many of Merrick's routines, the list of moves is available as a downloadable PDF. Still, it's definitely worth watching the video to check out the actions, as many of them rely on small changes in position not easily expressed by the name alone. 

Watch Tom Merrick's 12-minute hip mobility routine

Mobility and flexibility sit alongside core strength as some of the most fundamental aspects of our physical health. While you can incorporate the best workouts for abs into your routine to build a strong core, stretching and mobility-focused moves are often overlooked. 

This is why Merrick's short routine is so effective. At just 12 minutes, you can get the benefits of improved mobility — like better posture, fewer aches and pains, and increased workout performance — while still finding time for your regular training. 

Merrick's fitness journey is relatable. He got into weight training during his self-professed 'gym bro' period but switched to calisthenics following a bout of glandular fever. After focusing on movement form, he transitioned to the mobility and flexibility training he's known for these days.

However, his route wasn't as straightforward as it seemed. Along the way, he suffered a few setbacks from injuries, although he used the time to master the basics. To avoid hurting yourself, it's worth doing the same, looking at things like how to do a push up

Alongside this short routine, it's also worth investing in one of the best foam rollers. After strength training, your muscles will be sore. Using a foam roller can reduce the pain and aid recovery. Meanwhile, researchers have found pre-exercise rolling increases your range of motion too. 

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