This dumbbell workout will burn fat and build muscle in one 35-minute session

Not got time to split your cardio and strength training up this week? No problem this speedy workout gets both done at once

Woman works out at home with a set of dumbbells
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It's the final lap before Christmas and people are no doubt running last-minute errands, avoiding the new Omicron variant all the while balancing the last busy week of work. Most people probably either feel like they don't have time to work out or that they want to avoid catching any germs from the gym pre-Christmas.

This doesn't mean exercise is a no-go until the new year. In fact, if previous lockdowns taught us anything, it is that we can be more time-efficient with getting things done. For example, this 35-minute home workout cuts out the drive or walk to the gym yet still gets in a full body pump. Just grab a set of best adjustable dumbbells and you are good to start training.

The workout is led by Heather Robertson, a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach who regularly posts workout series to her YouTube channel. This total-body workout included below uses dumbbells as it is combining strength and cardio but if you don't have access to weights you can use canned food or two filled bottles.

Robertson is all about results and this is why her workouts are led by her showing you how to complete each exercise with correct form, when to rest and ensuring you always warm-up and cool down. You can follow her through this fat burning and strength-building routine below.

You may notice that this video is the final workout of a fourteen-day challenge. This is further proof that Robertson is driven to get people the results they want. The workout above is part of her Fierce series, a strength focussed program designed for increasing power and creating lean muscle tone.

In this workout, you will complete six whole body circuits including compound exercises for building muscle, and cardio movement for burning fat and raising your heart rate. It will use both dumbbells and your body weight to create resistance as you train.

You will repeat each circuit twice, perform each exercise in the circuit for 40 seconds, and rest for 20 seconds. Some exercises involve weighted lunges and sumo squats while some drop the weights for a bit and have you pushing through mountain climbers and jumping jacks.

Robertson said at the start of her Fierce YouTube series that building muscle takes time, commitment and of course proper nutrition. 

If you are looking to maintain a lean physique and build strength and muscle then consuming a good amount of daily protein is essential. This can be consumed in your diet or you can increase your protein intake via a best protein powder for weight loss, which blends nicely into a smoothie or some morning oats.

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