This fat-burning dumbbell workout only takes 25 minutes and works your entire body

You only need 25 minutes and some dumbbells to raise your heart rate, boost your metabolism and strengthen your muscles

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Whether you attend a really busy gym or are new to strength training and in need of a routine that uses minimal space and equipment then this full-body dumbbell routine will be of use. It only takes 25-minutes so it's easy to slot into your day and will help you to strengthen and tone muscles across your upper and lower body while engaging your core.

If you're using this routine at the gym you'll want to get your hands on some medium-sized dumbbells. Alternatively, if you'd like to strength train at home it's worthwhile investing in some of the best adjustable dumbbells. These modifiable weights contain multiple weights in one model so you don't need to splurge on a full rack of weights and can adjust them during your workout.

You will want to run over some beginner strength training tips if you are newer to training with weights but if not, you are ready to try this dumbbell routine led by fitness instructor Mikala Czubak. Czubak, whose online handle is Fitbymik has a degree in Kinesiology, the study of human movement, so you are in good hands if you follow along with her demonstrations and listen to her tips.

Czuback uses two 8lbs/4kg dumbbells for her 25-minute full-body session but you can go with whatever weight you feel comfortable working with. The best results come from challenging yourself however, just bear in mind that this is high-intensity resistance training (HIRT) based workout so you will need to keep up good form for the full 25-minutes.

You will perform each exercise for 45 seconds, have a 15-second rest and then move on to the next exercise. Keep some water nearby and make sure to stay well hydrated during those short breaks.

Watch Fitbymik's 25-minute full-body dumbbell workout

The workout includes both compound exercises and isolated exercises so that you can increase muscle mass and really hone in on specific muscles to carve out muscle definition. This mix of exercises paired with the HIIT format will really help to elevate your heart rate, burn fat fast and increase your stamina.

As you progress through the routine you will notice some moves merge two exercises into one rep. For example, the narrow overhead press followed by single knee lifts is especially good for engaging your core. Czuback instructs, "Remember to pull those ribs in" as it is the strength of your core helping you to lift the knee and maintain your balance.

Workouts like this one are a great way to strengthen and tone your core and abdominal muscles without doing isolated ab exercises like crunches or sit-ups. But if you have time and want to finish off with a core burner activity you can always pick up one of the best ab rollers to help increase definition and improve your functional strength.

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