"This is my favorite hip mobility drill": A physiotherapist on the one exercise you should be doing if you have stiff hips

Desk-job workers, listen up

Woman doing 90/90 hip mobility stretch on a yoga mat
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Dealing with stiff hips is common, particularly for desk workers, as prolonged sitting weakens lower-body muscles and limits hip mobility. Our joints can also become less mobile as we age, but there are a few things you can do to keep your hips feeling limber, such as this expert-recommended exercise from physiotherapist Sam Caddick.

Caddick describes the movement as a supported 90/90 rotation. As he explains in his Instagram Reel, this move allows you to practice both internal and external rotation in the hips.

Depending on the reason for your tight hips, you might struggle with internal or external rotation more. This drill will help you figure out where your weaknesses lie and ensure you are mobilizing the entire hip joint.

How to adapt the 90/90 hip stretch

  • Sit upright with your left leg bent in front of you. The outer side of your left thigh and calf should be resting on the ground and your knee should be bent at 90°.
  • Bring your right leg out to the side so your right thigh and left calf are parallel. Your right knee should also be bent at 90°. Hold this position for a few seconds.
  • Keeping your feet on the floor, move your knees up and over to the other side so they’re resting on the floor, rotating your torso as you move. You should now be mirroring your starting position on the other side of your body.
  • If both of your knees don't touch the floor, Caddick suggests raising your hips on a couple of blocks. This will allow your hips more space to move.

Benefits of hip mobility

Having tight hips restricts our natural movement patterns and can upset our spinal alignment. If our body can’t move properly and isn’t correctly positioned, it’s more susceptible to injuries. Stretching and rotating your hips can make them more limber, which will help your body stay healthy.

It's worth adding this hip mobility drill into your regular routine, whether as a mobility warm-up to your workout session or a standalone drill. You can also try some of the moves in our round-up of the best hip stretches and best hip-strengthening exercises to create a routine that works for you.

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