This one move will help you build full-body strength and all you need is a dumbbell

Target the glutes, back, biceps, triceps and shoulders with one simple exercise

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We don’t blame you if you find the endless choice of exercises and workout styles overwhelming. But if you want to build strength, keeping things simple is the most effective approach. 

Personal trainer Julie Ledbetter proves this point in her recent Instagram Reel. She demos just one move that targets a wide range of muscles across the entire body.

The best part? All you need is a dumbbell, so you can do this exercise from home or a quiet corner of the gym.

Watch Ledbetter's one-move workout

The move is made up of a few different elements and  together they strengthen the glutes, back, biceps, shoulders and triceps. It's a compound exercise, which simply means that it recruits multiple muscles at the same time. 

As the move challenges big muscles in your body (like your glutes) it will be fairly challenging to execute. Do it quickly, and it will get your heart rate up and provide a quick cardio boost alongside its strengthening benefits.

Make sure the weight you choose is manageable for all parts of the exercise. You’ll be limited by your smaller muscles in the triceps and biceps so your dumbbell might be lighter than you would normally use if you were doing just the row and squat.

Ledbetter recommends setting a timer for for 90 seconds and seeing how many repetitions you can complete in that time. Repeat this for three or four rounds. You could add it onto your usual workout or use it as a quick five minute "exercise snack" to break up your working day.  

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