This tricep exercise will sculpt your arms without using weights

Here's how you can define your triceps at home or the gym just using one move and a resistance band

Woman trains her triceps using a resistance band
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Not all muscle strengthening happens in the weights section of the gym. Weight-lifting isn't for everyone and it's also massively down to what results you want from resistance training. This resistance band exercise is a simple way to train and define your tricep muscles without the need for weights.

Typically most tricep-based workouts include the cable machine or varying sizes of dumbbells (a set of best adjustable dumbbells will facilitate different sized weights in one model). However, certified fitness instructor and Blogilates founder, Cassey Ho, has found an extremely useful alternative to using a rope pull down device for working out your triceps.

All you need to try out this tricep-focused exercise is one of the best resistance bands, which you can find in our guide. Once you have a band of some, you have a suitable way to apply force to this strength-based move shared by Ho.

The Blogilates star shared this exercise hack to Instagram where she shares herself demonstrating the movement. If you own a full set of resistance bands this means you can increase the level of resistance as you get better at Ho's tricep exercise. The more you practice this move, and the more force you apply to it, the greater the results will be for your upper arm. 

Ho said she discovered this exercise while completing a '90 day journey to muscle challenge'. Until now she had been performing rope pull-downs to workout her triceps but she happened to unearth this resistance band modification as she played around with a band. 

She claims in her caption, "You can work your triceps just as hard using booty bands!".

Here's how to perform this tricep exercise using a resistance band:

  1. Grab a resistance band
  2. Place it on your forearms (the lower the harder)
  3. Hands flexed, finger tips in
  4. Press out 
  5. Try this for four sets of 15 reps

Various Blogilates fans have already tried it out and shared how they found it in the comments section of Ho's post. One person said, "Oh heck! My arms are shaking", while another commented, "So simple but so effective!".

If you manage four sets of 15 reps performing this banded exercise you will be sure to experience a burn in your triceps. Resistance bands are a really versatile piece of equipment. Struggle to do push-ups? This simple resistance band trick makes them SO much easier and is another Blogilates invention from Cassey Ho.

They can also be used to increase the intensity of various bodyweight exercises that may already be included in your fitness regime. Exercises such as donkey kicks, squats, or hip thrusts can all help to improve your results with the addition of force.

Once you feel more comfortable in your strength and feel like you can take on a greater form of resistance you can then consider using a weight like one of the best kettlebells in your training. These are a great style of weight for improving functional strength, helping to strengthen muscles that you use every day.

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