Want to build your glutes? Try this Tiktok split squat for the ultimate leg and butt burn

Find out this Tiktoker's split squat hack for building bigger legs and glutes

Woman performs split squat using a bench outdoors
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If you have ever included elevated split squats in a leg or glute session then you will know how epic a burn they bring to the lower body. Add a couple of weights to this and your quads and glutes will be on fire.

Most people graduate onto split squats after they have mastered the basic but essential best glute exercises out there, such as a basic squat or reverse lunges. If this is you and you are now trying to nail the split squat, this Tiktoker has a top tip for maximizing your results.

Best known online as JP Coaching, JP is a full-time bodybuilder and fitness trainer. He recently shared a video debunking the typical elevated split squat setup that most people use, explaining how to make it more effective.

In his video, which has received over a million views, he tells people to ditch the bench when performing elevated deadlifts. 

The fitness coach with more than five years of experience instead recommends using a lower platform that you can place the ball of your foot onto when squatting.

In the gym, you might see people using a barbell or dumbbells while split squatting but this exercise can be performed at home with just your bodyweight or a set of best adjustable dumbbells - this way you can increase your load as you work through sets.



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The split squat is a unilateral exercise, meaning it is a movement that trains one limb at a time. 

The benefits of adding this exercise into your workouts include being able to increase strength in your lower body, boost muscle hypertrophy and improve balance and stability.

JP explains in his Tiktok how to set up an elevated split squat so that you feel stable and capable of adding more weight if you wish. 

The typical setup that most people use with the top of their foot resting on a bench can cause a lot of wobbling around and less stability.

"A much better alternative would be using a platform height of around 6-10 inches and then stabilizing on the ball of your foot instead," JP adds, "With the increased stability you are likely going to be able to load more weight, meaning better growth for your quads and your glutes."

Using the ball of your foot on a lower platform when you next perform split squats should help to ensure that you feel more secure in the movement and allow you to put some tension into it.

If you are unsure what to use as this lower platform you can use a low step at home and at the gym, a low step-up bench or decline ab bench could work well.

If you are looking for more home-gym friendly workout equipment you might want to consider adding some of the best resistance bands to your next strength-building workout.

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