Want to tone your arms without lifting heavy? Try these four moves using light dumbbells only

This workout only involves four exercises and will help to sculpt and define your arm muscles just using light weights

Light dumbbell arm workout
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Having a strong upper body is a great way to make other exercises easier. Plus, muscles burn more calories than fat, so having strong arms can also assist with your weight loss goals. Fortunately, lifting with super-heavy weights isn't the only way you can build and tone your arms. 

Some of the best workouts for arms can be performed using small, light weights, such as a set of best adjustable dumbbells, for building definition in your upper body. These weights contain multiple dumbbells in one so you can adjust the weight however you wish and resistance train at home without needing an entire weights rack.

Often when people lift with heavier weight than they can manage, their range of motion becomes poor and little benefit is gained from this. Whereas exercising with lighter weights can enable you to perform the full range of motion with proper form, getting more out of the exercise. 

Opting for a lighter style of weight is also ideal for beginners, it is always sensible to work up your fitness and strength at a gradual pace. If you are a complete newbie to strength training, it's worth trying out this four-move light-weighted dumbbell routine posted by Brianna Joye, founder of fitness app BOLD.

Joye posted her arm workout in a TikTok video, where she demonstrates each move making it easy for you to follow along with. You'll perform four sets of each exercise for 20 reps.

Watch Joye's arm workout below


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The fitness coach recommends using this dumbbell routine three times a week. This aligns with scientific research out there that suggests resistance training at least two times a week is necessary for muscle growth.

If you don't like the idea of having big bulky arms you needn't be scared of this happening from regularly training your arms with this style of workout. Progressive overload, moving up weights at pace in your training will lead to this. But adding in light weights to these key moves will only help to build strength and sculpt your arm muscles nice and subtly.

The BOLD app can offer you full body sculpting plans and nutritional help, but Joye's Instagram is also full of friendly advice and motivation for anyone just getting into fitness this year. 

There are heaps of tips and tricks you can pick up along the way when you start exercising more often, and a big bonus is that so many effective workouts can be performed at home. You can even follow along to some of our guides such as the best at-home chest workouts roundup, or our best glute exercises, if you ever run out of inspiration.

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