Watch Carrie Underwood complete the ‘Rock the Boat’ Tiktok challenge, it's a core burner

Another Tiktok trend to try out during your next home workout or to finish up at the gym with

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Tiktok workout trends saw us through the pandemic last year and continue to carry us through 2021 as well. If you conquered the viral '12-3-30' treadmill workout earlier this year and are looking for a no equipment challenge then how about Tiktok's latest 'Rock the Boat' workout trend?

The name of the trend isn't related to the exercises being performed but rather the song in the video, which is 'Grab Da Wall and Rock Da Boat' by 504 Boyz. If you are trying this challenge out at the gym you might want to make sure you have a pair of best workout earbuds to hand.

American Idol winner and singer, songwriter Carrie Underwood brought even more attention to the viral trend when she shared her own Tiktok of herself mastering the fast-paced workout. 

The challenge really isn't that complex so let's jump straight to what you need to do to complete the challenge. 

As soon as you can hear the song begin to say 'left right left right' repeatedly is when you want to begin. Then try the following moves:

  • Four shoulder taps (two for each side)
  • Six mountain climbers (three for each side)
  • As many push up plank jacks as you can manage before the song clip fades out - FYI the Tiktok only lasts twenty seconds 

Watch Carrie Underwood show Tiktok how it's done below:


♬ Grab Da Wall & Rock Da Boat - 504 Boyz & Weebie

Underwood's video received just under five million views and is just one Tiktok amongst the many other 'Rock the Boat' attempts to be posted online. The sheer volume of fitness fanatics trying out the trend gives it a mark of approval to some extent.

However, as with other viral Tiktok workouts it is only twenty seconds long and will only offer you a very minimal ab workout.

Personal Trainer, Christopher Barker says, "I recommend not going to Tiktok if you are looking to exercise safely and effectively, but merely use it as a motivational tool when necessary."

He breaks down the exercises used in the 'Rock the Boat' challenge and explains how they can be effective in a workout if used correctly.

Barker says plank shoulder taps are a great exercise to engage the core if the right form is prioritised and not performed to super quick music. Quality over quantity is good to bear in mind with certain exercises like this.

The mountain climbers will also work your core, focussing specifically on your traverse abdominals. The added bonus is that they can put your cardiovascular capacity to the test depending on how long you do it for.

Lastly, the push up plank jacks if performed for a prolonged amount of time can target your core, chest and triceps.

If you want to really test how strong your core is then we can recommend some of the best ab rollers available right now - these are designed to engage your entire core.

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