Watch: The 30-minute no-kit lower body workout to get your body moving

This workout will build muscle in your glutes, calves, hamstrings and core, all while helping you lose weight

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Want to get yourself moving this morning, but not sure where to start? Maybe you've got no equipment, like weights or specialist running shoes, or maybe you're just short on ideas,

That's where we come in. GFS Fitness and trainer Simon "Swifty" James recently took over our Instagram account, broadcasting a live 30-minute dynamic lower body workout live on our stories. We've taken his fantastic routine and uploaded it to our YouTube channel, so you can follow along with this routine any time you like:

James' routine is full of explosive, dynamic movements, with periods of intense work followed by short rest periods spaced out at regular intervals. This is a philosophy known as "HIIT" or High Intensity Interval Training. 

It's been found to burn fat and elevate your metabolism for longer periods than low-intensity, steady-state exercise. The journal PLOS One found people who did 30 minutes of HIIT exercises like burpees improved their muscles and cardiovascular fitness as much as participants who did 150 minutes of low intensity exercise. 

A great coincidence, as James' dynamic routine takes exactly 30 minutes to follow along and complete. By completing this routine, you might have done the equivalent of 150 minutes of low-intensity jogging. 


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In addition, the lower-body exercises are building muscle in your glutes, calves, hamstrings and core. A stronger lower body and "trunk" will not only help you run faster and jump higher, but will improve your mobility and quality of life well into old age. 

As you get older, your muscles become significantly weaker during a process called "atrophy". In very old age, wasted muscle means it's difficult to stand and balance. Building muscle in your legs and core will improve your balance and keep you mobile for a long time to come. 

Other ways to build lower body muscle:

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